Thursday, January 21, 2010

The city remains directionless

Pacifica Mayor Sue Digre fields diverse questions at Pacifica Democrats meeting

By Barbara Arietta
Special to the Pacifica Tribune
Posted: 01/21/2010 06:00:00 AM PST

On Saturday morning, Jan. 16, an eager audience of Pacifica Democrats and their guests filed through both the front and back doors of the Sharp Park Golf Course Restaurant's rear meeting room. This was more than just the first meeting of the year for the Pacifica Democrats.

This was the meeting in which Sue Digre, the new mayor of Pacifica, was due to give her State of the City speech.

By the time the meeting began at 9:30 a.m., the room was not only filled by highly interested Pacifica residents, but also by a significant amount of highly interested non-residents, hailing from both San Francisco and other parts of San Mateo County, as well. However, it was estimated that the lion's share of the attendees came from many of the neighborhoods in Pacifica.

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Steve Sinai said...

Reading Sue's answers to questions makes me think of waffles. I'm gonna' get breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Her words fill up a page and say absolutely nothing. If you are serious about fixing Pacifica, this is a good place to start.

Unknown said...

That certainly answered all my questions ;-)

What subject did she teach? Anyone know?

Butch Larroche said...

Great non answer on the golf course!!!

Sharon said...

I agree with Anonymous. She speaks yet says nothing. Fence sitter. She did mention marketing the city. Has anyone noticed a tiny advertisment in the San Mateo County Times travel section touting 'Visit Pacifica's National Parks" which also lists our stellar selection hotels? It would probably be a good idea for whomever is sponsoring to at least get the list right, it lists a Howard Johnson's which has been a Best Inn for some time now and really needs a paint job! Funny that piece does not say a word about one of the biggest assets we have, the golf course, which is a major draw for tourism in communities around the world but apparently not in Pacifica.
I do not agree with Anonymous regarding Barbara Arietta. She speaks and says plenty. When writing about the golf course situation, she has stated the issues plainly,voluminously and truthfully and there is no mistaking her position on the issue. Also for Anonymous, I don't know where you live or shop but several member of PCC (organized by Barbara) hung out a the Safeways collecting petition signatures in Nov & December leading up to the SF Rec & Park final meeting, we attended those meetings, we organized a meeting at our City Hall and we passed out over a 1500 flyers to residents of the neighborhoods immediately surrounding the golf course. Where were you?

Kathleen Rogan said...

I never saw that. I'm everywhere. I never saw them.

Sharon said...

You had and extended conversation with my husband Kathleen, at Linda Mar Safeway, when he was working the petitons on the same day the Lions did one of their major fund raising drives, he remembers you well.

Lance said...

I started to read it but started slobbering and muttering to myself. I think i lost about 80 points off my IQ. I'm going to go read 1984 again and re-learn double-speak, or pig-latin. Whatever, Whatever she attempted to say was obscured by her inability to make sense to anyone except herself.

Kathy Meeh said...

PCC was effective, as was SF Golf Alliance, as was Barbara's County connections. I sent organized notes of the Golf Course meeting which I attended to be posted here. Clearly Sue Digre did not support keeping SP Golf Course, nor did Pete DeJarnatt based upon any comments at city council. Vreeland? Figure that one out for yourself. Lancelle the major supporter? Speeches at the last SF two hearings were ambiguous, don't think she attended many of the SF agencies meeting, whereas Barbara attended and spoke at all, and moved into action at the counties level (SF and SM). Remember this leading up to the next election, if Barbara runs for office she'll need our involvement.

Kathleen Rogan said...

Really? Sure it was me? There are several Kathleen Rogan's, I am told. Never met any. Spooky.

mike bell said...

This is the same inane babbling we have been hearing from this entire council (except Nihart) for the last decade.
They keep getting re-elected because of a well organized group of people who want to keep Pacifica in a perpetual state of poverty and welfare.
We've got to make activists out of the sleepy masses.

Kathy Meeh said...

As Kathleen said or might have said "get the pitch forks" (sorry Kathleen if someone posted the prior comment in your name, it happened to me, glad you pointed-out "not you".

Mike, I think the "babble" from Mayor Digre was more straight forward than the "State of the City speeches from Lancelle (year prior), or Vreeland (year prior to that).

Remember when Bernie Sifry asked for their "vision" statements a few year back-- no upfront vision from any of them. And, since no economic development, tax revenue improvement has happened in the past 7 years, and more land has been transferred out of city jurisdiction, and generally the city has deteriorated further-- we've got to believe by default, that it, that's the vision for Pacifica in process and fulfilled.