Monday, January 18, 2010

"Commie" problem...more "information" from The New McCarthyism

Google Urban Dictionary, lots of things to buy, insults for isms, and a "basic" definition: derogatory name for a Communist", related word "Pinko".  Word in a sentence:  "In the 1950's, McCarthy wanted to destroy those that he called "Commies", stated  by "Anonymous", 2003.  Hey, this is just like Wordsmith, only a little less so.  Why use quality references when less reliable (example polarized blog) sources are available? 

Current "witch hunt"  promoted by Glen Beck, John Savage and others. On this video John Savage had just been removed, thank you Fox News!   The New McCarthyism

Discredited by Glen Beck:  Van Jones -, Carol Browner ,
Cass Sunstein, Regulatory law legal scholar constitutional, administrative, environmental law
Mark Lloyd, Associate General Council and Chief Diversity Officer,,
Except for the radicalized  right-wing attacks on these qualified people, its hard to find googled information. 

Glen Beck and others are whipping-up hysteria, disregard for facts, failure to connect with reality, and disrespect for the law-of-the-land are scary.  
Remember "death panels" (video)
A pastor Steven Anderson who promotes killing the President (video)

Google "New McCarthyism" multiple, reliable articles and other media information exist. Some questioning government and mainstream concern

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