Sunday, January 17, 2010

Better Dead than Red!

California Legislature removes law stating it is no longer a firing offense if you are a communist and work for the government.

California Legislature says its ok to be a teacher and a communist.

New York compensated teachers who were fired for being a communist during the redscare. 

Submitted by Kathleen Rogan


Kathleen Rogan said...

Hardworking regular folks that are registered democratic voters are waking up to the fact that their party has a commie problem. I would let you read my fb, very telling, but then you'd have to be my friend.

Anonymous said...

Your fb is the very soul of the devil, Kathleen, you mindless numbskull.

Anonymous said...

SB 1322 notes that the repealed provisions were unconstitutional.

Might be a good reason to have passed it, what with our country having a constitution, and all.

The bill text provides a good civics lesson. It's worth reading.

Kathleen Rogan said...

HaHa! Babies name call. Grown ups debate. Wahhh!!

KooKoo Kathleen said...

A recent quote from Kathleen Rogan: "It's regular Americans, stupid."

Just in case it's unclear which end of that spectrum she inhabits.