Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Fix Pacifica Motto?

Inspiring newspaper mottos include -

All The News That's Fit to Print
--The New York Times

Monarch of the Dailies
--San Francisco Examiner

The Only Evening Newspaper in St. Louis With the Associated Press News Service
--St.Louis Post-Dispatch

Light of the Coastal Empire

                              --Savannah Morning News

Open to all Parties--but influenced by none

                              --The (Cincinnati) Centinel of the North-Western Territory

Announcing the new Fix Pacifica motto, as inspired by/ripped-off from a Jim Wagner email eloquently elucidating his free-speech philosophy...

"Let the crap flow"

Posted by Steve Sinai


Dan Rather said...

I like it. You should put it in the header, right under the blog title.

mw said...

It works on so many levels.

But wouldn't a picture of the overflowing water treatment plant be more appropriate?