Friday, January 8, 2010

This has nothing to do with Pacifica

Well, I'm sure many will howl in protest that this film clip has nothing to do with Pacifica politics and is "off subject", however, i'm sure we can find something to bitch about it.

How about:
-Animal rights activists and the cruelty to the horses. They're actually making them work.
-Child Labor Laws. Are those young boys actually working selling newspapers!?
-Traffic Engineers. Damn anarchy on the roads.
-Eco-warriors. I wonder how big of a carbon footprint those old clunkers are leaving.
-Civil Rights Advocates. Where's the diversity!!!?

Other than that, in my twisted, illogical opinion, it's a delightful piece of history.
But beware, it won't do a damn thing to remove the evil council that infects us.


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