Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Owners face costly options for saving imperiled Pacifica apartment complex

Updated: 01/05/2010 08:10:08 PM PST 

PACIFICA — The owners of Esplanade Apartments will consider a long menu of options this week for shoring up the crumbling bluff behind their buildings, and they will be seeing big dollar signs. 

Now that most of the emergency boulder work behind 330 Esplanade is complete, contracted engineers are proposing a few long-term solutions to keep the cliff behind 310, 320, 330 and 340 Esplanade from further eroding and putting apartment dwellers at risk.

Steve O'Connor of Engineered Soil Repairs said that not enough of the bluff behind 330 Esplanade remains for crews to be able to artificially restore some of the sandy soil that slid into the ocean, which would have put the evacuated apartment building on more solid footing. The most pressing question facing building co-owners Farshid Samsami and his wife, Delfarib Fanaie, is whether to spend the money for a more high-tech solution that could allow the tenants who lost their homes Dec. 17 to move back in.

If so, project engineers will have to convince Pacifica officials that the building is once again safe to live in without the benefit of a wider bluff.

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