Wednesday, January 20, 2010

America Rising - An Open Letter to the Democrats

Submitted by Kathleen Rogan


Unknown said...


Kathy Meeh said...

Thumbs down. Propaganda trash. Obama is dealing with the Bush left-overs, you know the worst recession since the great depression. Then, there's that little war the Bush administration elected. Health care reform?
The Bush administration offer the "little people" plans with high deductibles (and health care regulation got worse during that 8 years).

Attached is the city calendar for those who may want to attend some of these civic meetings

Kathleen Rogan said...

Fix Pacifica Fair and balanced. I love it. Kathy Meeh, the Alan Colmes of fix pacifica.

Steve Sinai said...

Can't say I watched Hannity and Colmes often (maybe five times), but Colmes always came off as the sane one, though a lousy spokesman for lefty viewpoints. My impression of that show was loud-mouthed, demagogue Hannity was in charge of the conversation and hardly ever gave Colmes a chance to speak.

Anonymous said...

Kathy Meeh = Alan Colmes

Alan Colmes = sane one

Kathy Meeh = sane one?

Error - does not compute!

kathleen rogan said...

I like Alan Colmes

Anonymous said...

@Steve Sinai:

Actually, they were each given equal time. Media sources who have made similar baseless conspiracy theory claims have all been discredited. You seem to be confusing passion with dominance.