Friday, January 1, 2010

Furloughed State Workers Back to Work?

I saw this:
and thought it might be of interest for FixPacifica.

Anonymously, of course!

Submitted by "The Unknown Poster"


Kathy Meeh said...

Unknown Poster, now article posters are unidentified? And the point of the article is what? And, the title is "Bruce is happy", how does that relate to "anything"? And does this article have anything to do with "Fix Pacifica", or anything else meaningful? Is there some Zen meaning? Shouldn't there be a higher standard than none?

Steve Sinai said...

Kathy, I posted this for someone else, as I do many articles. Anonymous and fake-name posts have been a part of the blog since the beginning.

I suggested when the blog first got started that people should post under their real names, but almost nobody agreed with me. Why the sudden flip-flop?

Steve Sinai said...

I did change the title of the post since it was probably too much of an inside joke.

Kathy Meeh said...

Steve, this "article" posting is a perfect example why standards and guidelines are needed. Anonymous commentary posting well okay, but articles which have no posting identification, and make no sense other than someone's inside joke? And, I'm sure you did improve this "article" post by changing the title.

Kathleen Rogan said...

I guess the tolerant democrats can't take a difference of opinion. Too bad. I see the future of fixpacifica, another Pacifica blog bites the dust. It was fun while it lasted.

mike bell said...

Reject the predictions of narrow minded bigots.
Free-speech IS democracy.
"fixpacifica" has only just begun.

Kathy Meeh said...

Kathleen, nothing tolerant about you-- all your "dots-don't-connect" conclusions lead to "bad Democrats, whereas the blog is mainly about "Fix Pacifica", a non-partisan topic which apparently is not of much interest to you.

Actually I over-reacted to the then "Bruce.." article, because there was no article poster named, and I don't remember seeing no named individual other than "editors" prior, nor are posted articles without identification desirable.

Separate issue, article posting of fake or skewed information presented as fact (propaganda) should fail prior to posting when possible. Reliability of blog information oversight should be similar other conventional, mainstream text and media sources.

Kathy Meeh said...

Above, last sentence should read "Reliability of blog ARTICLE information oversight..." "Free speech" reasonably has some limitations, such as no "hate speech". I haven't done further research of this yet, but it seems reasonable that article posting should be held to a higher standard than commentary posting.

Steve Sinai said...

People direct "hate speech" all the time at Plater, Curtis, Hall, Vreeland, Plater's been called a "douchebag", Curtis was represented as a truly disgusting, super-obese Ronald McDonald, and there are about a thousand other examples. I'm not always the nicest guy when it comes to posting, either.

Are we going to ban those kinds of insults in the future because they're "hate speech", or is our definition of "hate speech" going to be like it is at Riptide...any insults directed toward our friends is "hate speech" and banned, while insults directed at our enemies are fine and get posted?

Opinions and viewpoints, insults, and anonymous or nomme de guerre pen-names have been part of the blog from the beginning. The fact that proposed guidelines for posting are only coming up after Kathleen started getting under people's skin for her "unconventional" views, and after seeing suggestions for the proposed guidelines, I'm convinced the proposed guidelines are all about silencing non-conforming opinions. The guidelines are going to be too arbitrary and subjective to apply fairly.

I'm with Mike on this. Kathleen's a nut-job, but as long as her posts and comments don't come to dominate the blog, she's entitled to spout off. If you don't like what some nut-job says on Fix Pacifica, tell everyone why.

mike bell said...

Thank you.

If this site is censored it might as well be Riptide, Pacifica Tribune, Council meetings, Planning Commission, etc.

Political correctness and sheep falling in line are what's killing Pacifica.

Unknown said...

I'm with Steve and Mike. I like seeing the "diverse" opinions and not everything that anyone agrees with. Kathy and I have had our differences regarding what is an acceptable reference or opinions about people.

Personally, I do not think Kathleen is a "nut-job"...just very opinionated with her own perspective on things. Mike is correct about "political correctness". Speak up.

Kathleen Rogan said...

@Steve, So, I am a nut job? You hypocrite. It's ok to name call , I just can't do it? What a jerk. LOL! All of you, real pieces of work. You will never fix pacifica, no one likes you.

Censor all you want. It won't change things much either way. My fathers have been in this land way before you dweebs, and my children and grandchildren will be here after you leave. We don't need you and your politics. Go away. I will tell everyone to not vote for your candidate. Everyone. Pounding pavement. Night and day.

Steve Sinai said...

I love it when the nut jobs and tantrum-throwers get mad at me.

Come on, Kathleen. Many, if not most, of your posts contain insults and taunts. Don't dish it out if you can't handle getting it back.

mike bell said...

I'd be willing to bet that nut-job Kathleen has grabbed the benefits of our Socialist America more than once in her life time.

Let's see, how 'bout; Food Stamps, Unemployment, Social Security, Medical, Medicaid, Disability, public highways, public education, fire protection, police protection, FAA, FDA, Homeland Security, mortgage deductions, childcare deductions, charity deductions, rebates........
Come on hypocrite, how 'bout being honest for a change?

Zombie Rockaway Sue said...

While off-topic, I still "get it".

The gov't employees haven't felt any squeeze, while, I, starting my career in the late 80's have felt nothing but squeeze and downsizing for 20+ years.

In the meantime we are stuck with every Fireman being a "Captain" which means he makes $150K before OT and City Dudes in City pickup trucks driving down the levee on New Years Day. I expect that was some serious OT they earned while grinding the ruts on the levee on New Years Day.

Kathleen Rogan said...

Yeah, democrats want to give it all away. SS Sinai likes to act like he knows what he is talking about, when in reality he hasn't a F N clue how politics works.

Mike Bell, you don't know shit either. I know your types, lazy, bitter, cheap, petty. Poor babies. Mama took you off her teet to early?

I love it when democrats react quickly, tells us they are unemployed and starving. Obama didn't send you a stimi check? Or did you get the "check's in the mail" memo? Sleep tight boys. The worst is yet to come. Thank the Democrats/Communists. Hope you know how to eat possum.

Here's something for you to chomp on I found somewhere on the wild wild web;

Blame Bush
Blame Rush
Blame Us, ya ya you betcha!

Sinai loves telling everyone who to vote for, how many of the city council did you vote into office , Sinai? You have no credibility. Goodbye!