Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jon Stewart discusses Glenn Beck

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Kathy Meeh said...

Jon Stewart nailed it, return of the "no nothings", with a conspiracy twist. It follows that people who go to college, understand verifiable information/data, and read original research will become radical lefties.

The Glen Beck twist: Don't let that happen to you, better to read our black board scribblings and associations where the implications are not exactly relevant and the dots don't exactly connect. Then, armed with that revolutionary hysteria, form conclusions from your own "critical thinking".

Yesterday I elected to endure several minutes of the Glen Beck TV show, while he proved by association* the Obama administration (with President Obama in the center) is surrounded by if not involved in an action revolution, whereas the Acorn organization is passive revolution.

Glen Beck has become progressively "nutter than a fruit cake" and dangerous. *see New McCarthyism (two posts here). Fox took John Savage off the air, when will they take Glen Beck off the air?