Thursday, January 14, 2010

New (and hopefully improved) Posting Policy

After a discussion with about a half-dozen others regarding Fix Pacifica's posting policies, it was decided that anyone submitting an article to will need to include their real name, which will also be published.

Anyone leaving a comment can still identify themselves with a pseudonym or as "Anonymous". 

Being a lazy Blogmaster, I won't go out of my way to check your identity, but if I believe someone isn't who they say they are, the submission won't be posted.

While it hasn't been a big problem to date, the concern was that it was too easy to personally attack others while hiding behind the "Anonymous" moniker. You're still allowed to submit an article or opinion that criticizes someone, but you're going to have to put your name behind it.

Steve Sinai


Butch Larroche said...

I agree Steve.

Anonymous said...

What kicked off this change?

Kathy Meeh said...

Anonymous, if you post an article don't you think its important to put your name behind what you say or what you present?

Scotty said...

I don't really care, but it's just as silly as Maybury's (former) policy. Anybody can obtain a throw-away email address, and there's really no way to prove someone's who they say they are, unless you decide to limit the blog to only your buddies like Maybury did.

mw said...

I think I need to test the tolerance level of this new policy by posting a link to a particularly disturbing image, shot in the Sharp Park Bar after my round last Sunday. [LINK]

Steve Sinai said...

This was the compromise solution to the censorship vs. no censorship argument that started a couple weeks ago. There was a feeling that letting someone come onto the blog and anonymously start a potshot campaign was too unfair to those being attacked. You can still attack long as you identify yourself.

This is meant to protect everyone. As far as I'm concerned, the most uncivil, anonymous personal attacks on the blog were ones from the early days directed at people like John Curtis and Brent Plater. This policy will protect them as much as anyone else.

Since there's no way to be sure someone submits their actual name, this necessarily is an unperfect "honor system" solution. I probably won't worry about it if something benign gets sent in. But if something nasty comes in and my Spidey-senses tell me there's an issue with the submitter's name, then if I can't get any further assurance that the submitter is who they say they are, the article won't be posted.

Kathy Meeh said...

Ha, this is an over-ride of article posting, very amusing. Good to see two of our favorite golf course buddies having a good time.

I think the article policy is a quality control improvement, we'll let Scotty worry about people like you.

Concerned, and Retired, Citizen said...

Mr. Sinai

I can't help but feel somewhat responsible for your new posting policy, and I apologize if my observations put you in an uncomfortable position. I can well imagine the influence Ms. Arietta and her supporters can bring to bear. My wife and I have decided that a quiet, peaceful retirement is more important to us than commenting on community affairs. I comfort myself that the thought that my concerns with Ms. Arietta are hardly original, there are others to note when her relentless self-promotion strays too far from the truth, and perhaps they will care to post at this site, Thanks for your public-spirited service and best of luck in the future.

Steve Sinai said...

Concerned, the only thing that made me uncomfortable with the new policy was the idea that nobody cared about anonymous attacks when they were directed at people like Plater and Curtis.

I do think the new policy is an improvement, though.

Johnny StuntDriver said...

that's because no one cares about Plater and Curtis, the lying scumbags

Anonymous said...

It's good that you're concerned. It's one thing to give people an outlet to blow off some steam, but there's a point where it's not steam, it's something far worse. Caustic substances corrode. Hateful comments undermine civility and social order.

The calls for the burning down the town's social structure cannot, will not lead to better things.

"I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent."
--Mohandas Gandhi

Unknown said...

"The calls for the burning down the town's social structure cannot, will not lead to better things."

Who has called for burning down anything? Getting rid of the hold that the present council and their friends has on the City is what is called for.

Anonymous said...

"I think I may stop paying my taxes until I get some results. I will stop spending money in this town and not pay my property taxes. Good idea? or bad? Who's with me?"

"I see no results from paying taxes haven't for years. Let's bring down the WHOLE SYSTEM and start new."

Big L. said...

Only the little people pay taxes.

Unknown said...


Kathy Meeh said...

You're way off base alleged "Concerned Retired citizen ANONYMOUS". Barbara Arietta was appointed as Vice Chair to San Mateo County Transportation Authority/Citizens Advisory Committee-- a big deal, and you continue to object to a standard business announcement of that fact along with related county and city background information in the Tribune. What a dork!

Maybe you have some problem with "concerned citizens" who are actually making a difference in this larger community, or is it that you are just unhappy because Sharp Park Golf Course will be "saved" thanks to people like Barbara and others. For their marathon efforts, they all deserve our congratulations! Oh, sorry if you you're a loser on this one too.

Kathy Meeh said...

Agreed with Lois with regard to the other or same "Anonymous" and "Big I". WEAK!

Anonymous said...

Lois, you asked, so I went and found and pasted quotes from here on this site, posted this week calling for tearing things down. Those were some of what I was referring to above about calls for destroying things. "Let's bring down the WHOLE SYSTEM and start new" is pretty clear on what that poster wants.

That's really wrongheaded thinking.

Unknown said...

One poster out of how many and you made it sound like this whole Blog is like that? I do not remember people agreeing with Kathleen on that one. I understand that our taxes are used for fire and police and special trails near a council member's house. Some are necessary - some are not. Those of us who pay taxes understand that they go for things we agree with and those that we do not.

Are you a council supporter? Do you think they have done a good job over the past 12 years? Did you agree with the biodiesel fiasco? Just curious where you are coming from.

Kathleen Rogan said...

Yes, this is exactly what happens when the people have no control or say over their personal property and gov stops and interferes in our daily lives, it all falls down. Secrets out, that's exactly what they want to happen to personal property owners. Fall down.

I have not seen results from my taxes in decades. Oh wait, I have seen my taxes/fees/permits grow to astronomical proportions. Monitoring every move I make.

Gov Schools ran into the ground, running in the red. More young kids than ever are dropping out of high school, why?

Roads and infrastructure crumbling, running in the red. Environmentalists and Caltrans can't seem to agree on anything. Ask why? wait don't, it's a mess.

Local Governments in dissaray and running in the red. Daly City! Whooo weeee talk bout a mess.

People fleeing, FLEEING, California and the entitlement seekers are moving in.

Unions getting a five year exemption from paying taxes on their cadillac healthcare packages. This is breaking news as I am typing this. Gov will force everyone else to buy a insurance they don't want and pay huge taxes to pay for everyone else that can't pay squat. How can Congress force Americans to buy ANYTHNG?!?!?!?

Crime is up. How safe do you feel?

Gov forcing gun owners to list all guns on taxes and pay a $50.00 fee on 2010 tax filing. 2nd amendment in jeapardy.Breaking news as I am typing.

Private Sector continues to lose jobs while Government is growing and worming their way into every aspect of our lives. Who is paying for all this?

I will list some good things from our Gov;

Ummmm.......there must be something. Someone help me. It used to be "We the People" were the government. Well, I don't think so anymore. Who are these people? I didn't vote for any of this. I feel sad for the hardworking everyday joe and jane that work for local governments, they didn't ask for any of this.


Hold on , must use the bathroom. No need to invite the government, they are already in my toilet.

Kathy Meeh said...

Lois, nice solid thoughtful reply. At the current low level of City services, the City has projected a $14 million deficit over 5 years (City Finance Task Force reference expenditure information, 1/14/10).

Kathleen, if you want to "revolt" learn what is going on in Pacifica and work to replace the current city council in 2010. The economic mess were have here is special: self-inflicted, prior to the current "worst recession since the great depression."

By the way, Employers and Unions who pay for Employee Health Insurance receive a 100% tax write-off. This new concern about "cadillac health plans" has similar credibility as "death panels", not. Health plans are very expensive these days, and most are being downgraded, or employees receive increased cost.

Of course you have seen results from the taxes you pay, including safe paved roads, police, fire, paramedics, public works, parks and recreation, library services, county services, state infrastructure, disease control, crime control and a whole lot more benefit.

Kathleen Rogan said...

I totally disagree. I will revolt my way. Freedom of Speech.

1) Once "safe paved roads" are now in unsafe conditions

2) Police , hope no more are laid off

3) Fire, hope no more lose jobs.

4) Paramedics are plenty in Pacifica, you can have that one. We need to take care of the old folks.

5) Public Works - do great work - you can have that one. They have their hands full.

6) Parks and Recreation - locally, what happened with that? are they still in existance? Haven't heard from them lately. What happened to all the parties and celebrations we used to have? No more?

7) State Infrastructure - once, one of the best, is frightingly unstable right now.

8) Disease Control - what do they do? answer phones, ok, fine. Worthwhile? Almost diminished? I think. TB has been on the rise for a decade. With open borders, on ground and air, there is no control. AIDS? Nope, don't want to go there, still on the rise and morphing stronger against all medicine.

9) Crime Control? who is that? Me?

10) whole lot more benefit? what? Me? I benefit? How about the civilized take care of each other and look out for each other. There goes "We the People" again. Pat yourself on the shoulder.

Cadillac Health Care benefits that union members have, will be tax exempt for the first five years, up for renewal. Don't believe me? Ask your representative. How is this fair? Call your congress person and ask why. You don't have to stand for this. This healthcare package is not a good one. SF Mayor has concerns that it will destroy their city wide health care they instituted already, and the Mayor has some privacy concerns as well. Call up your congress person or email them and ask them "What's Up With This Union BullCrap", they would love to hear from you.

Kathy Meeh said...

Kathleen, in reply to your top 10...

1-6 is the responsibility of 7 year city council, some road money was diverted to building trails. We all know how badly this city needs trails rather than reliable roads. Otherwise, the county has sent their portion, adequate money for repairing city roads.

A few council meetings back (December), City Council partially solved the city road problem. Where the city has county roads (more than 50 years ago), the repair cost for these sub-standard roads will be passed to Pacifica property owners who live there. Problem solved, which puts a new meaning to "we're all in it together." Just another example of how well city government is working here, protecting us all, passing cost to selective citizens--at the same time keeping this city poor.

From the Financial Task Force meeting last night, the budgeting for Fire and Police sentiment is with you, me and most of us who "get" that issue. From my view having plenty of paramedics and trained fire personal available in event of a 911 medical emergency is a good thing.

7. The State budget crisis article posted on this blog earlier this week (scroll down) includes text and video. FYI I happen to be a fan of the Governor, although he may be a disappointment to you, along with the Legislature. Think we can agree the run-away State spending with legal mandates is a huge problem.

10. Public health control of "bugs" which are infectious to the population, crisis management, and individual human assistance is necessary. From a moral standpoint, it seems everyone needs health coverage, the question is how to get there.

9. Crime also exists in Pacifica, check-out the Tribue Police Beat.

10. Tax exempt medical cost is the norm for all business. The cost is taken off the top of business income (however that expense is shared between the employer and any union where such partnerships exist). Why should "Cadillac" (expensive) medical plans be considered different from any other medical plans? These days employees usual pay for such an upgrade.

The Pacifica City council "Cafeteria Plan", on the other hand, has more in common with the "Ferrari 612 HGT Scaglietti" medical, health and associated benefits plan: Take the benefit or take the cash. They all seem to have "day jobs" or spouses with benefits, so they take the taxable cash. 7 year city council voted this benefit/pay increase in to existence during 2006, kind of a part-time employee reward for blocking prosperity I suppose. Of interest will be how the citizen Financial Task Force views this.

Scotty said...

"...a part-time employee reward for blocking prosperity..."

Very well put. I wish your pal Barb would use that as her campaign slogan, but she seems too nice.

Why don't you run, Sinai? Being too nice has never seemed to be your problem (and I truly mean that as a compliment).