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Any Quarry impact questions? Respond to the City by July 6, 2016

Article on Nextdoor (shared with 12 neighborhoods in Documents) from Planning Commissioner Thomas Clifford/Sun Valley, 6/29/16.
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Impact questions/thoughts, please respond
 to the City email immediately (by 7/6/16).
"The City of Pacifica is preparing a 9212 report for the City Council and is seeking questions from the public about the proposed quarry development. Please submit any questions about the impact of the Quarry project to ."

There is a near time limit for the City to prepare a 9212 impact report, preliminary to election certification.  If you plan to ask questions or have thoughtful comments about the impact the proposed quarry development will have, please respond to the City email (above) prior to or during the day of Wednesday, July 6th.  

The 9212 impact report will be presented to City Council Monday July 25th. As Councilmember MaryAnn Nihart said at City Council, June 27th, the proposed quarry development impact inquiry is about "what it does, and what it doesn't do".  Any additional information or clarification, please let us know. 

Reference, Rockaway quarry project informationThe ballot measure, Quarry Ballot Initiative, including the amended Quarry rezoning ordinance initiative title and summary.  The CityCity of Pacifica/Planning, proposed "Quarry Reclamation Project". The developer, The Pacifica Quarry, "Restore and Connect".  9212 impact report.  Find Law/California Elections Code Section 9212, a preliminary to election impact report. (8) Any other matters the legislative body requests to be in the report. (b) The report shall be presented to the legislative body within the time prescribed by the legislative body, but no later than 30 days after the elections official certifies to the legislative body the sufficiency of the petition."  Note photograph/graphic from Gunderson Planning & Design, 5/7/14.

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Kathy Meeh said...

Reminder, last chance to send Quarry development impact questions to the City is today, July 6th.
The article reference information includes 1) the City ballot initiative page, and 2) the ballot initiative rezoning summary.