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Planning department zoning administrator meeting, Wednesday, July 13, 2016

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Sharing space in our city for water
storage maintenance buildings
City of Pacifica/Planning Department/Zoning Administrator meeting, pdf pages 44, Tina Wehrmeister, Zoning Administrator.

Location:  Parks, Beaches and Recreation Conference Room, 1810 Francisco Blvd.
Time:  6:00 PM.

Zoning Administrator Agenda, Wednesday, 7/13/16.

1.   Administrative business.
2.   Public oral communications.
3.   Public Hearing
File A-1-16.  "Administrative permit A-1-16 filed by Darryl Barrow, general manager of the Westborough Water District to amend Specific Plan SP-122-01 approved by the Planning Commission on April 2, 2001 to allow construction of a 480 sq. ft. single-story addition to an existing 2,740 sq. ft. single-story maintenance building at 171 Sharp Park Road, Pacifica (APN 009-320-230).  Recommended California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) status: categorical exception.  Proposed action: approve as conditioned."  Description and summary, pdf pages 4-9, listing of attachments page 10.

Reference. Westborough Water District/About. City of Pacifica Planning Commission, 3/21/01, Item 4, Public Hearing: storage facility, APN 009-320-230, Westborough Water District, 2760 Skyline Blvd, see pdf above pages 34-44. Note google maps locations for APN 009-320-230: 2760 Skyline Blvd, and 171 Sharp Park Road. 

Related article. Christian Hill water storage tank replacement, Fix Pacifica reprint, Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, 4/7/15, "NCCWD celebrates groundbreaking for tank."  Note photograph. Aerial view of Pacifica Wikipedia.

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