Monday, July 25, 2016

Police officers are daily heroes: Pacifica officer receives Medal of Valor

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 7/21/16. "Officer earns Medal of Valor for disarming wanted man. Pacifica cop honored for demonstrating bravery in struggle with armed criminal."

"For disarming a wanted man after he fired shots at him, a Pacifica police officer demonstrated such bravery and professionalism his police chief awarded him a Medal of Valor.

Image result for Pacifica Police Matt Sheedy picture
Congratulations on receiving the Medal of Valor!
Just another heroic day in a policeman's life,
and fortunately this encounter turned-out well.
Officer Matt Sheedy left the police station at 1 a.m. Mar. 16 to respond to a call reporting a male pedestrian on the freeway near the onramp at the 700 block of Palmetto Avenue. Sheedy talked to the man and tried to pat him down for weapons. The man resisted and a struggle ensued. 

The two rolled 50 feet down an embankment toward Palmetto Avenue. At the end of the embankment, the man drew a .45 caliber pistol and fired it at Sheedy, but missed. Sheedy gained control of the firearm and disarmed the subject. The man, Bernard Hofler, was taken into custody with six additional ammunition magazines with a total of 42 rounds and a second loaded .45 caliber handgun. 

Hofler was wanted by the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office for a crime in La Honda that happened a few days before Sheedy encountered him. Hofler shot two people in the head and chest multiple times causing critical injuries.  Sheedy persevered in this dramatic fight with an armed subject who demonstrated he was willing to use lethal force against a police officer to avoid apprehension. He was a subject who had already demonstrated murderous intent days earlier in the La Honda shootings. Sheedy’s heroic actions took a dangerous criminal off the streets of Pacifica.

....  For his actions during this violent encounter, Chief Steidle awarded Sheedy the Pacifica Police Department Medal of Valor, awarded to members of the department who, while serving in an official capacity, distinguish themselves by heroic action above and beyond the call of duty in an extremely hazardous situation which could have resulted in serious injury or death."  Read more.

Reference, City of Pacifica Police Department.  "Message from Chief Dan Steidle. The members of the Pacifica Police Department take great pride in upholding our motto, "A Tradition of Community Service" as they strive to make Pacifica a safe place to live, work and play.  We are committed to working with the community in a collaborative effort to reduce crime, increase traffic safety, and address quality of life issues.  We recognize that our success is dependent on a strong partnership with our community members.  I am extremely proud to lead a police department full of dedicated officers committed to serving their community."

Note photograph.  Twitter/Pacifica Police, 7/11/16.  City Council meeting, 7/11/16, "Ofc. Matt Sheedy receiving the Medal of Valor at City Council for his capture of an armed attempted murder suspect."

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

These are the public servants that Todd Bray calls the "Over Paid Cinderella Team".
He's knows best. Just ask him and any member of his nothing for Pacifica gang.

Anonymous said...

He called them "princess crews" on more than one occasion.

Anonymous said...

Well, Todd is not alone. It is common knowledge that Hillary referred to cops and her secret service agents as "pigs" back when she and King Bill roamed the White House. I'm sure Kathy will chime in and deny this, but that is par for the course. Just a couple of examples of her nastiness and love for those willing to sacrifice their lives in order to protect her:

Okay Kathy. You can get back to your Trump bashing now.

Kathy Meeh (since you ask, or called me out) said...

1214. Wiki Answers/Politics and Government,: "Is the Political Insider a reliable source?" "Answer: Not really, Such magazines and blogs are opinionated, and tend to report only the point of view they are trying to promote. Although there is a major difference between journalism and blog opinions, in today's polarized world, people tend to read and follow only those who report what they want to read - leading to self-reinforced opinions masquerading as 'facts.' "

And the Daily Caller/Politics (a far right-wing rag), article: "Former White House Staff: Clintons were 'paranoid'; called Secret Service 'pigs'" article is "rumors" by admission, and doesn't seem to disclose or prove its point. But separate advertising in the article is link to Amazon books.
Think about it, even if you were paranoid would you call the people who protect you "pigs"? I don't think so, neither would the high IQ, politically savvy Clintons.

Ah, but qualified, balance, stable past Secretary of State/Senator from NY Hillary Clinton is running for President-- and her accountable progressive agenda for this country (and choice of V.P.) are transparent: see Clinton on the Issues, and "Vision for America.

Whereas through his words, actions, and advocacy, it should be clear to anyone, including you, Donald Trump is not fit to affect the direction of this country. And as Ted Cruz said at the Republican Convention, "vote your conscience"-- that was an assumed "anyone but Trump", NO endorsement for nuclear Donald Trump!
But, regressive issues Trump supports are listed on the Donald Trump website.
Voting for a candidate who can win nationally is similar to voting locally: fringe campaigns will not win, and and take away votes from those who can. Vote for Hillary, and do not choose to sacrifice this Country into Trump chaos and authoritarianism.

Anonymous said...

"in today's polarized world, people tend to read and follow only those who report what they want to read - leading to self-reinforced opinions masquerading as 'facts.' "
The story of Pacifica and the people trying to decimate our town in the name of: Red Legged frogs, San Francisco garter snakes, Snowy Plovers and Sea Level Rise.
No wonder Trump has a following.

Anonymous said...

"While there will be no indictment of Hillary Clinton, The FBI has demonstrated that Hillary Clinton is a serial liar..." read more:

I know, Kathy. Only your sources are credible. Got it. Next...

Steve Sinai said...

4:27 PM, I wouldn't trust a article any more than I'd trust a Mother Jones or Xinhua article.

Kathy Meeh (your source still stinks) said...

427, your 1214 sources were serial lies. No indictment of those Hillary "doing work" emails period, so apparently Government oversight for that time was sufficient. Nothing was criminal, and there was no action, just a lookback from the FBI Director that what they viewed was "careless" or "very careless". (Keep in mind his comments are stated from today's view, and without consideration of prior Secretaries of State, or other Government officials emails, or Government oversight compliance.)

BTW Wikipedia indicates Townhall was a "conservative" publication of the Heritage Foundation, now right-wing "christian" Salem Media Group.
And the video from that right-wing "news" source was not updated to describe of the 30,000 emails, only 3 were in question. (I remember seeing that update on some more recent credible news sources).

I'm sure you personally remember all the emails that roll into your email account daily? Right??? You may even open a few you don't read, or maybe one of your Staff reads these for you.
For the best liar contest, compare Hillary (or possibly you) to her opposition: Donald Trump. Trump is an observable ongoing impulsive, psychopathic liar. FMV, he's like an ongoing train wreck that never stops. Do you really want him to be in charge of this Country? Hope not.

Anonymous said...

@4:51 -

Since it is you and Kathy who are responsible for the pro-Hillary propaganda parade here on Fix Pacifica, I wouldn't expect you to believe anything anti-Hillary. I also wouldn't expect you to admit that the very left leaning mainstream media would never say anything bad about Hillary. So of course, it would have to be the alternative media, including Fox News, left holding the bag. If you Google about this, you will find a plethora of hits regarding Hillary and the FBI findings surrounding her lies about classified/confidential emails on her own private server. And, of course, I expect you to deny each and every one of these sources, including the Washington Times. Why wouldn't you?

However, there are still some reasonable, fair-minded people who do post here on occasion. These are people who do not share the radical left perspective of the purveyors of this forum. It is those people I speak to. Not the zealots.

Steve Sinai said...

6:03, when have I ever posted something about Hillary?

Anonymous said...

Right On, Sheedy. And remember, it's the democrats that call you a 'pig'. That's right. Don't forget they are commie sympathizers, and commies hate our local pd's. Go figure.

Kathy Meeh (Democrats love our PD) said...

Steve 611, the Hillary Clinton comment was initiated by 1214, so let's give 1214 the credit for this brilliant conversation (not). Also, your 451 source bias comment was balanced and neutral.
The blog search brings up some articles which include each Presidential candidate (which generally I've posted), more related to Trump, such as the GOP convention, Burlingame (Russia loves me); or, Warm seasonal greetings from Mexico.

955 chooses to name call Democrats as "commies" and "police haters", so in return he may expect Democrats to call him (and Trump) liars and Fascist. Okay be happy!
(Please note 955 liar, those in the photograph on this article are mostly Democrats).
This year I'm hoping the majority of moderate people in this Country (right, left and NIMBIES) all vote for Hillary Clinton-- the Trump alternative and those who support such rigid authoritarianism are way too scary.

Anonymous said...

As a 27 year-old staff attorney for the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate investigation, Hillary Rodham was supervised by lifelong Democrat Jerry Zelfman. Although there is controversy over whether or not Zelfman actually fired Hillary, it is a fact that he stated in an interview that Hillary "...was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer, she conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the Committee, and the rules of confidentiality."

BTW, anyone who compares (a product of the Heritage Foundation) to Mother Jones or Xinhua, really strains credulity!

Anonymous said...

Kathy, you continuously - while your copartner in crime Steve Sinai looks the other way - refer to Trump and his supporters as "authoritarians", as if to conflate them with the likes of Hitler. Although I don't ever expect this rebuttal to see the light of day on FP, I will point you to this article by the Washington Post (not exactly known as a bastion of conservatism):

You know Kathy, at least at the local government level, you preach true conservative fiscal values. For some reason, even you realize that is the only way to get Pacifica back on its feet. Yet nationally, you throw it all out the window in favor of an extreme liberal ideology/agenda. Your intolerance and nastiness towards conservatives in this forum is legendary and turns off a lot of potential allies. You too, Steve. You are much more like Riptide than you care to admit...

Kathy Meeh (Riptiders will vote against Trump, at last we're somewhat united!) said...

106, The Washington Post/Editorial Board, 7/22/16, "Donald Trump is a unique threat to American democracy."
"DONALD J. TRUMP, until now a Republican problem, this week became a challenge the nation must confront and overcome. The real estate tycoon is uniquely unqualified to serve as president, in experience and temperament. He is mounting a campaign of snarl and sneer, not substance. To the extent he has views, they are wrong in their diagnosis of America’s problems and dangerous in their proposed solutions." (Again, that's the Washington Post Editorial Board statement.)

And the article you linked further describes how dangerously unqualified Donald Trump is to be President of the United States, (or any 3rd world country for that matter). "Of course, authoritarians and populists can overlap and share dark tendencies toward nativism, racism and conspiracism." (The Washington Post newspaper, 3/9/16, "Monkey Cage" study.)

Those who admire Donald Trump and reverse evolution may be victims of low information, isolation, or an internal shadow side imbalance.
And 1226, a 40+ year old Watergate RUMOR? Well, that's breaking news to believe in!
For others, hopefully our votes will not we wasted on benign fringe candidates who cannot win the national election. The choice is qualified Hillary Clinton, or unqualified Donald Trump.

CWR said...

How is this Cop Sheedy a Hero? The guy walking down the highway could've been an ordinary citizen that had car trouble. It's happen to me before, so that gives this guy the right to harass everyone down. No wonder people have no respect for the police, they do what they want to whom ever they feel like it.You see last year my roommate a lady was beaten up by a criminal. The cops did nothing about it, I received threats from this guy via text. I go to the Police Station it is closed. So I'm down where the guy works. A customer calls the cops on me ., Well seven cops show up of course. One person points out a wooden club on the ground. The cops figured it was mine so they take me while the criminal laughs.The cops arrest me instead as I'm being led to the squad car I tripped over my sandal causing me to stumble. The cops assumed I was resisting arrest then slam me against a their car then all three cops Pacifica Officers Sheedy, Trujillo, Gharazi slam me to the ground causing bruises & cuts to my face with abrasions on my body .Afterwards the three sat on top of my chest. I had problems breathing then yelling it out, well Officer Sheedy tells me to 'shut up''.He didn't wan't me to draw attention to his wrong doing.Now if he had three grown men on top of his chest he would have difficulty breathing too.That's alright because it made me stronger made the cops look weaker.I didn't file a lawsuit since my mother was afraid they would retaliate.Shame on the PPD!

todd bray said...

Craig, when we first moved here I got pulled over twice for no reason other than some imagined offence the cop thought up that minute. I don't drink and was accused of drunk driving. Luckily my wife was with me as a witness. The second time the accusation was I ran a red light (it was yellow). I didn't pull over until I was in front of my house. The sargent got all badge heavy with me until he saw the address on my licence was the same spot we were both parked. Since then I've gotten 5 parking tickets in front of my own house, usually after a letter to the editor that was contrary to the official PPD cause. We might as well be in Alabama.

Police do not understand that they act irrationally and so can not be trusted. It's that simple. Hey who knows, maybe next time I'll get busted for using my mobility scooter for what it was intended for, mobility. If that does happen at least I'll have the ADA to fall back on.

Steve Sinai said...

I was a cop in the Air Force, and if we pulled someone over for going 100 mph down the long, straight road that ran through our base, they'd almost invariably insist they hadn't done anything wrong; or that we were pulling them over because of race (even though half the cops on base were minorities); or if it was a woman, that we only stopped her because we wanted to ask her out on a date. (Some of those women highly overestimated their attractiveness.)

Cops occasionally can be unprofessional and I think the quality of Pacifica Five-O has gone down a little bit over the last 10 years, but it's also true that almost nobody ever wants to admit their guilt when they have some kind of interaction with the police.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a cop problem. I used to have one too when I was a 16 year old pot puffing hippie. Purple Haze baby!!!
That may change someday when they come to your aid or save your life.
Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Well, Trump promises to end ObamaCare, protect our borders (which makes him a "racist" in liberal eyes), reduce the EPA and other agency overregulation (which is killing jobs in this country), improve our trade imbalance, and strengthen our defenses. If he lives up to just one of these, we come out ahead.

And since he already is a billionaire, hard to imagine him selling out to foreign interests and Wall Street the way Hillary has. Yes, politics have made Hillary a wealthy woman.

He's got my vote.

Anonymous said...

Trump 'promises' whatever you want to hear. If you believe his 'promises' to you take a look to find when he's promised the complete opposite to someone else he wanted to sell himself to. He has no principles and is treating you with zero respect. Don't be a fool.

Anonymous said...

If you try to take my ObamaCare away, you'll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Anonymous said...

Dejavu! Are you speaking of Trump or the comedy trio of Lancelle, Vreeland and deJarnutt?

John said...

Neither Trump or Hillary are going to Fix Pacifica. We must do it ourselves. Why does a nice article about an officer doing a good thing need to devolve into this?

Anonymous said...


If you were a cop in the Air Force, why didn't continue in Law Enforcement? You would be ready to get a nice pension right about now.

Anonymous said...

Let us please remember this officer responded to a call like many before it. He had no idea the encounter would involve a man wanted for the attempted Murder of two others just the day before. Yes, it could have been an innocent civilian. But it wasn't. Why don't some of you go get the bad guys.

Kathy Meeh (alternative "food fight" article posted) said...

1215, okay let's give 7/25, 12:14 pm and friends another chance to do better.
Just posted is a Donald Trump article just for the rabid "no facts, no friends" political candidate and "food fight".

Possibly posting an alternative political article is unfair to Todd and Craig who have grievances of being hassled by our police.
On the other hand with few exceptions, if any of us have an emergency, think we all want the help of our police, fire and paramedics, who have proven to be heroes for many of us (our families, neighbors and friends).
As 205 said, this policeman (Matt Sheedy) caught a really bad guy. And he (Matt Sheedy) could have been wounded or died in the process. Sheedy and other first responders are all heroes.

Steve Sinai said...

"Sinai - If you were a cop in the Air Force, why didn't continue in Law Enforcement? You would be ready to get a nice pension right about now."

If I had remained a cop, I would already be retired with a nice pension.

The idea of driving around in a patrol car for 30 years didn't appeal to me, so I went into something else.

Anonymous said...


So you became a Blog Master.

Steve Sinai said...

4:11, Among other things. I'm also a Poke-Lord.

Anonymous said...

Nice article and thank you for the support. Too bad 97% of these comments are negative and about politics...and one story is a complete, well “story.” Thanks again for the support.