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Quarry questions to the City and the Developer

It seems the questions about the proposed quarry development were quite thoughtful, even though many of them may have been contributed by those who have limited to no significant development in mind, and hence would further sink the economic viability of this City. 

Image result for Pacifica quarry picture
At any cost to the people of this city,
defend against any Quarry development:
even this 25% mostly housing,
75% permanent open space weak proposal.
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Looking for boobies in quarry weeds.
Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff writer, 7/14/16.  "Questions big and small concerning residents about proposed Quarry development."

"Pacificans weighed in on so many and varied issues - they asked about the large size of proposed hotel bungalows, traffic issues, future public input and potential development on the Quarry’s sensitive hillsides in the questions raised in emails sent to City Hall. Those questions and answers will be included in a special Elections Code report about the proposed Quarry initiative to be placed on the November ballot and delivered at the next City Council meeting, July 25.

....  Besides the issues mentioned above, questions include, does the measure amend the general plan, specific plan or zoning? Does passing the measure give the developer a blank check to do whatever they want? Will approval of the measure cause Highway 1 to be widened? Does the initiative approve a project for the Quarry site?

Will the approval of the measure harm any endangered species on the site? How will the measure impact wetlands restoration on the site? How will the measure impact non-native and invasive vegetation on the site? What is the meaning of the mining reclamation plan? ..... ...
 How does the residential component compare with the Peebles’ proposal?"  Read article.

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Restore and connect may be the boobie prize,
alternative may be the usual: nothing
Image result for Pacifica quarry picture
Here's part of that "pristine" land.
Oh, don't move the RL frogs from their
linestone and greenstone comfy homes, ouch.
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Note photographs. Left:  Boy from The Pacifica Quarry restore and connect; Limestone and greenstone by Peter Loeb from Riptide, 8/27/15, "Rockaway Quarry Development Back in Play." Right:  NIMBY team by Jane Northrop from her Pacifica Tribune, 11/17/15 article, "Quarry project manager conceptualizes future plans." NIMBIES against the proposed 2006 quarry development, "No on L." Caption definition, "Booby prize, Wikipedia, "...Booby prizes may ... be given as consolation prizes to all non-placing participants of a competition."

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john said...

As of the July 25 City Council meeting, the "9212" report is on line at the city website and presents the city attorney viewpoint on the upcoming initiative. A lot of the questions did come from what you seem to like to call "NIMBY"s, but many also came from those who view this entire ballot initiative as flawed as written. I am actually pro development - I would really love to see commercial and retail development on that location, but THIS initiative is not about approving any plan at all (Stated 127 times in the response) , it is about authorizing the city council to rezone of the quarry space to residential zoning and nothing more.