Wednesday, July 27, 2016

San Mateo County ballot measure, extend Measure A 20 years

The Daily Journal (San Mateo County), Bill Silverfarb, 7/27/16. "Measure A off to voters: Supervisors seeking 20-year sales tax extension."
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Proposed extension of the half-cent
Measure A sales tax to 2043:  it's affordable.

"San Mateo County voters will be asked again to support a sales tax measure on the November ballot first passed in 2012 — this time with a 20-year extension.

Voters approved Measure A, a half-cent sales tax, to support a variety of county initiatives that had a sunset of 2023. The board hopes by extending the tax that it will be able to tackle the area’s affordable housing crisis and it unanimously approved Tuesday putting the measure on the November ballot. The ballot language for the extension will be exactly as it was in 2012 with one simple change — the sunset will be 2043.  

Since its passage, the extra sales tax has boosted county initiatives such as the Big Lift, addressing sea level rise and bringing health care to farm workers on the coast. Measure A generates about $80 million annually."  Read article.

Reference.  County of San Mateo, Department of Housing.  Related. Not affordable examples, mid-peninsula: Apartment List, 20 Best.  Note graphic from CQ Roll Call/State trackers,"States at Crossroads with Affordable Housing Crisis." 

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