Sunday, July 3, 2016

General election quiz (leading to the Presidential candidates who support these positions)

The following 2016 Presidential political Quiz may be of interest, and fun to take.

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Build walls vs. remove walls
The questions inquire about your position on core voting issues, including: social, environmental, economic, domestic policy, heath care, election process, education, foreign policy, crime, immigration, science, and the candidate you would choose.  The results match and score similar and overlapping issues supported from each Presidential candidate. Presidential candidates include four (4):  Hillary Clinton (Democrat), Donald Trump (Republican), Gary Johnson (Libertarian) Jill Stein (Green).

Quick Quiz choices include:
1.  Yes, or  No or Other (you may add a more detailed position if you wish ).
2.  Click the "how important to you" measure.
If you have more time....
3.  More questions of the same category may be selected. (that choice is yours).
4.  Consider saving your answers by sending them to your email.
5.  Take the Quiz.  Here.   

Disclaimer, from the political quiz designers. "I Side With"/about. was started in March 2012 by two friends with two very different views of politics. We are constantly finding and building new ways to boost voter engagement and education using information, data, and breaking technologies. Taylor Peck is a political analyst and tech marketing consultant. He manages the data, research, and marketing aspects of the site. Having a lifelong interest in politics, he was searching for a way to engage more voters. Nick Boutelier manages the technology, user experience, data and analytics for the site. A lifelong undecided voter, he was searching for an easier way to stay updated on the issues and candidates he sides with. That’s it! We are not affiliated with any investors, shareholders, political party or interest group. If you share our passion for this project and would like to support it, share the site with your friends so we can educate more voters about your local and state representatives by Election Day (November 8th, 2016). If you would like to support our project financially, please send us a PayPal or Bitcoin donation." 

Note the photographs of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are found on the link titled "Election Day" from the quiz designers disclaimer (above); the link connects to Wikipedia/U.S. Presidential Election, 2016. 

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