Friday, July 29, 2016

As a species, we may survive if we collaborate with others

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Dear brother, let's share.
This time you get to clean-up.
Mashable/World/Gianluca Mezzofiore, 7/29/16. "Stephen Hawking has a stark warning for what Brexit could mean for the human species."

"Stephen Hawking has penned a thoughtful appeal for post-Brexit Britain to reconsider the role that wealth plays in society, warning that isolationism and envy could even lead to the end of the human species. 

In a Guardian essay, the world-renowned physicist made the case for a more comprehensive and generous definition of wealth "to include knowledge, natural resources and human capacity."
Noticing that we're living in "perilous times," Hawking lists all the multiple challenges that the planet and human race face: climate change, food production, overpopulation, the decimation of other species, epidemic disease, and acidification of the ocean.

"Such pressing issues will require us to collaborate, all of us, with a shared vision and cooperative endeavour to ensure that humanity can survive," he says. "We will need to adapt, rethink, refocus and change some of our fundamental assumptions about what we mean by wealth, by possessions, by mine and yours. Just like children, we will have to learn to share. Read more.

Note photograph. Facepage image to Popsugar, "Reasons to have a second child."

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