Sunday, July 17, 2016

Protect and improve West Sharp Park

... and reject extreme environmentalism.  (The following is a circulating letter and message from Mike Bell, West Sharp Park resident).

Dear neighbors,
Image result for Pacifica, CA Beach Blvd picture
West Sharp Park community
and neighborhood in our City.
I attended a meeting in SF on Wednesday morning, July 13, 2016. The topic was San Francisco Littoral Cell Coordinating Network. The chairman of the meeting was non-other than our own City Councilman, John Keener. Even though it was apparent that the planning for this meeting had been going on for quite a while, no other Pacifica City staff or Council persons had been notified with enough time to schedule for attendance. The purpose of the meeting was to organize and figure out how to capitalize on a $200,000 grant from the California Natural Resources Agency to expand the influence and POWER of the SF Littoral Cell Network. This is a relatively new bureaucracy trying to gain control of policy around erosion and sand/sediment migration on the Northern California Coastline.
This includes the creation of non-negotiable policy requirements pertaining to rock revetments, artificial reefs, sand management and sea walls to protect the coast.  

The Pacifica residents who were properly notified and did attend, completely support John Keener’s strident belief that all of Pacifica, west of Highway One, is doomed to be under water by the turn of the century and therefor all investments of time and resources on any land west of Highway One should be stopped immediately and be replaced with a plan for “managed retreat”. This of course would include the prevention of improvements in the Palmetto Small Business District, the development of the Old Waste Water Treatment Plant on Beach Blvd, building a new library, maintenance of the Sharp Park Golf Course, maintenance of the pier, maintenance of the promenade, support of Pacifica’s largest per-capita stock of affordable housing, maintenance and promotion of historical buildings and last but not least the building of a seawall to replace our failing “retaining wall” on Beach Blvd. Needless to say this is a serious threat to everyone living and working in West Sharp Park.

John Keener has been very cagey with most of the public about his personal Sea Level Rise plans for Pacifica. Last Monday night at the Council meeting he was forced to show his hand, partially revealing his extreme belief that West Sharp Park should be abandoned. He used his power of authority to single handedly prevent a Library Bond consideration to even come to a public vote. Whether you support the building of a new library or not is irrelevant. At the very least, this city wide decision belongs to the voting Citizens of Pacifica. In a functional democracy we can’t  be denied a vote because of the selective application of the belief system held by one man and his support group. No doubt our weather and sea levels continue to change, as they have for millions of years. Our challenge is to be scientific and factually correct about the extent and timing of extraordinary Sea Level Rise events and not act hastily or out of fear or worst, conflating it with anti-growth schemes.  

If you didn’t want a new library anyway, why should you care?
You should care because this is the just the tip of John Keener’s ideological iceberg. He and several of his supporters in Pacifica have no intention of doing anything to promote the quality of life and safety in West Sharp Park and many other areas of coastal Pacifica. We are seeing his tactics beginning to take shape and we should be very concerned.  We all pay taxes and support Pacifica in many ways. We have a right and a duty to speak out and protect our enjoyment of living in this beautiful town.

Attendance at next Thursday’s Emergency Council meeting is very important.  It was called for by fair minded leaders to try and mitigate this “left hook” thrown by John Keener and to restore the public’s right to vote on a public issue. Whether or not you support the building of a new library is your personal business which should be determined by a vote. More importantly however we need to challenge the selfish  imposition of an entirely one sided ideology on a very large portion of our population by a handful of well-organized people. In the audience there will likely be members of John Keener’s support group and we need to better understand their point of view and perhaps get them to think more critically and respect ours.

This is important to our mission of protecting and improving West Sharp Park.
Please be there.

Mike Bell

Submitted by Jim Wagner

Note photograph. Boy at Pacifica Pier by Bob n' Renee/Flickr on Pinterest

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Jim Wagner said...

This nails it better than anything I've see written in years! Thanks Mike. Time to open our eyes to the hidden agenda. If you live west of Hwy 1 you should be very concerned. If this committee follows through with their agenda we will see homes start to disappear very shortly. How long is beach blvd north of the pier going to survive without replacement of the faulty "retaining wall" that is there? Once the ocean encroaches it doesn't take long. Especially in the soil those homes are built on. I for one am not prepared to write off a large portion of West Sharp Park. If this isn't a wake up call for everyone and a notice that we are in the cross hairs of rabid ideologues set on "fixing" us I don't know what is.

John Beckmeyer said...

I live east of hwy 1 and I'm concerned. I can't see us letting our community erode into the ocean - and certainly not by neglect - and absolutely not by design! One Pacifica for all. My neighbor's concerns are my concerns be it north, south, east, or west.

Anonymous said...

I live east of hwy 1 and I'm concerned. I can't see us letting our community erode into the ocean - and certainly not by neglect - and absolutely not by design! One Pacifica for all. My neighbor's concerns are my concerns be it north, south, east, or west.

Anonymous said...

Keener needs to come clean about what he's up to.
Way too many signs that he's personally serving a narrow contstituency of zealots and not the general public.
We need leaders who care for the whole city.

Anonymous said...

This group of NIMBY's has a brand new weapon for blocking development. Trouble is they can't get their talking points straight.
Some say Sea Level Rise will surpass 10' in 6 years. Others say 6" in a 100 years.. Others say 5' in 50 years. Yada Yada Yada
Let's see/hear some facts so we can act like intelligent adults and run our city responsibly.
Haven't we had enough of the Loeb, Lancelle, Verby, Digre, deJarnutt, Bray and Hall nonsense that has led us into bankruptcy?

Steve Sinai said...

"Keener needs to come clean about what he's up to."

I don't think he's ever disguised his no-growth ideology. That's why the NIMBYs love him.

What bugs me is the convoluted logic he comes up with to support his no-growth ideology. For example, when it was mentioned at a rent-control hearing that one of the reasons rent is so high is because NIMBYs won't allow new housing, you could see Keener get flustered while trying to explain that it wasn't lack of housing that caused high rents, but rather that people were clamoring to move here because of Pacifica's climate. That's kind of like saying people aren't overweight because they eat to much, but rather they're overweight because cheeseburgers are so damn tasty.

You just sit there and scratch your head trying to figure out what's going on in Keener's mind.

Anonymous said...

Survey city paid for says 2/3 vote is not there.Why have election unless we have a new flood free library site,upgraded southern Pacifica ,Sanchez library.We need full financial disclosures,library property appraisals and guaranteed sale proceeds applied bond debt.
The City has poor record of what it does with money,particulary with $33,500,000 at risk.John Keener is only one paying attention!

Kathy Meeh (I don't believe you) said...

918, is any of your promoted "opinion" supported by current fact?
1. Environmental Reports requested by the City indicate the proposed library location is in a pending flood zone? No, not true (reconsider in about 80 years).
2. The library staff is paid by San Mateo County up to 60 hours per week, split between two libraries. If the City had a better economy, it could afford to supplement staffing for two libraries. "If wishes were fishes...". No path to that City revenue-- thanks again NIMBIES!
3. "Full financial disclosures, appraisals, guaranteed sales proceeds" ahead of the vote to support parcel Bond funding? Has that ever been done? Probably no.
4. The current city executive and financial team is accountable. The 10+ year old event of losing track of City fund revenue transfers occurred on NIMBY City Council majority watch-- another reason to not elect NIMBIES to City Council office in this City. Right?

That said, as Mayor Sue Digre mentioned at the last City Council meeting (7/11/16): is there also an alternative for keeping the Sanchez library open for the people who live in the south part of the City? Any ideas?

Brent Ritz said...

My response to Michael,

Hi there,

I wanted to sleep on this, give it some more thought and consideration before replying.
Thereby, giving it the unclouded judgement that it deserved.
My assessment and recommendations are the same as they were months ago, weeks ago, yesterday, as well as this morning.

With a cancer or terrorists, you have to completely remove them from the source.
This has always been the case, for the history of history itself.

You know Pacifica has quite a history of City Council Member recall elections for doing quite a bit less than this.

Perhaps in his infinite wisdom, John Keener was just making room for his recall election, to be requested that it be put on the ballot at the next emergency meeting.

It would not be surprise me if twenty or so here request that to be so.
The only thing that I personally question if you yet realize that you been pushed into a corner and in the words of Clint Eastwood, “Are ready to get plum mean.”

I would advocate a petition and signatures from all 500 owners in West Sharp Park be obtained for such a recall.

I can also think of approximately 185 members of Sharp Park Golf Club that would be supportive of this concept.
They are more than irritated by dealing with continued multiple multi-million dollar frivolous lawsuits from this small local gang of the same people who hide under the alter ego of some new LLC..
The other people need to be identified by name.
You will find that such creatures run for cover when exposed to internet sunlight, direct litigation risk and fear of loss of their own assets.

If you do not take control of management here and now, it is clear to me that your property, liquid assets and very lives are and have been at the gravest risk.


Skype – brent.ritz

Brent Ritz said...


As recommended, I have approached posted this on, “Next Door,” in the general section under Sharp Park.
A few others were already on this topic under the library discussion and they had nasty words for Keener.

I have approached Sharp Park Golf Club.

Separately, I have personally engaged with Governor Brown’s and Senator Hill’s office on the Seawall wall subject matter several times while speaking with them on other State matters over the past few weeks.
We have the public support of Congresswoman Jackie Speier, Senator Jerry Hill and Governor Brown.
I did not mention it before.

As far as am I concerned, I will be publically requesting that Keener be removed from office for failure of his duty and not protecting the citizens and property of Pacifica.
Apparently he also approached Congresswoman Jackie Speier in an attempt sabotage her support as well with his psychotic statements.
It is clear that his meeting and intent in regard to the SF Literal Cell Network was by design both subversive in nature and not in the best interest of protecting Pacifica.
Additionally, I will request that the City Attorney review this for misconduct, civil liability and potential criminal action.

I can think of a couple of individuals that want to just sue him personally.
Wait until those myriad of lawsuits get posted on the top of Google.


Skype – brent.ritz

Anonymous said...

Keener may have just put a dent in housing prices, especially west of highway 1. Just the uncertainty can impact what a buyer is willing to pay for a property. I think anyone who proposes this bullshit should be forced to live west of hwy 1.

Anonymous said...

keener will wreck property values in town. He is hell-bent on letting the coast go to erosion. This town will be unlivable and even east side homes will lose value. Keener is the last politician we need to be telling the voters what to do or think.

Anonymous said...

Time to Impeach the fraud Keener.

Anonymous said...

Kathy ,Keep Sanchez open by voting no on bond proposal.City cut support for library by $70,000 and used ERAF money for other high priorities and now expect homeowners to pay $33,500,000 for one less library.Ha Ha !

Anonymous said...

City survey shows 25% percent library priority and 70% concern over flooding,erosion.Libraries need to be upgraded and for less than $33,500,000 estimate.City borrows $400,000 from county for architect fees on a not approved project,with unknown financial terms.Poor money management continues with this council.Please no more lease revenue bonds that city pays high interest on!

Anonymous said...

This really has nothing to do with should we or shouldn't we,. Discussing the library in connection with the post is mis-direction and I'm calling 10.50 and 11.15 on it. Keener has taken that choice out of our hands and now he is discussing managed retreat which will take homes away from Pacifican's. Is there no end to this man's hubris that he thinks he's smarter than everyone else and knows what's good for us. He's evil.

Kathy Meeh (no reason to believe you) said...

1115, what you say seems not to relate to 1) the proposed library facts, or 2) available public information. City Council meeting, 7/11/16, Items 10 and 11, may help clarify some of these issues.
1. For Library design, and some development, the City is receiving a $500,000 grant from the County-- that is not a loan.
2. The County has also offered a 15 year low interest loan for new, modern library construction.
3. Item 11, Survey Results,pdf pages 17:
a) Bond measure, 62% approve (41% definitely, 15% probably, 5% leaning, (page 3).
b) Need for additional funding: Great/some need (split), 74%; little/no need 19%, don't know 8%, (page 6).
c) Additional facilities? Great/some need (split), 74%; little/no need 17%, don't know 10%, (page 6).

Same survey:
4. 70% agree Pacifica currently has two (2) public libraries, (page 7)
5. 71% are concerned about (general) coastal erosion, 47% concerned about (general) sea-level rise, 21% concerned about (general) flooding, (page 5).
There your are, at least 70% of those surveyed do know this City currently has two (2) libraries, whereas it seems your 1115 comment is way more than 70% false.
And again: 1) the scientific, well studied Environmental Impact Reports indicate that flooding is not a direct issue in the location of the proposed library. Also, 2) we're finally seeing (in my memory) the best structural City management this City has had.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you glad that "TERM LIMITS" passed.! Otherwise we will have 20 years of every single council member.

And in regard of the Library issue. Does Keener lives close by Sanchez Library?????

Anonymous said...

How can anyone blame Keener for 2/3 vote requirement.City attorney failed to call attention to law.Keener just voted on sea level rising facts and potential flooding damage.Some people,are in denial of climate change,and millions damage to Pacifica is right before their eyes.$33,500,000 bond:How much for flood insurance?

Anonymous said...

The Council meeting agenda is library vote.Period!

Wake Up Pacifica said...

Not entirely true.
There is a period set aside for Oral Communications near the beginning of the meeting. Oral Communications is an opportunity for any citizen to express any opinion on any subject other than the published agenda item. This is a right that is sacred to our Democracy.
As far as Keener's vote on the library, he completely contradicted what he said he would do during his campaign. He said he was not in favor of the library but he also said he believed it was the public's right to vote on it.
He has baited and switched Pacificans like so many others before him. He joins a long line of nefarious special interest Pacifica politicians who will do or say anything to get into office and then switch their behavior to serve the NIMBY's who put him there. The strangulation of Pacifica continues. He's just the latest liar.

Anonymous said...

4.25, get over it. Keener fu--ed up. He figured his vote was a throwaway vote, not kill the bond vote and now he's too pig-headed to fess up. He is willing to deny a vote to 15k on the library issue to stick to his guns! Well then, he's an as--ole.

Kathy Meeh (no growth, no progress) said...

425, 1115, 918, where is information supporting your assertion of "sea level rising 'facts' and potential flooding damage" affecting the proposed West Sharp Park library?

Is this the 3rd time on this thread you have made such unsubstantiated comments, which amount to all words, no evidence-- while at the same time the City, and the City Environment Impact Report documents do not support such assertions, and what you are repeating?

Here's the Redevelopment of the Beach Blvd Property/Final Environment Impact Report, 7/2013, pdf pages 56.
Knock yourself out! As for the generalized flooding comment: Well, "potential flooding" can happen anywhere in this City under the right conditions.

Anonymous said...

Keener is in position to force compromise amendment to bond proposal such as saving Sanchez library and alternate library site ,Sharp Park option.This is what is going to happen,because rest of council knows it settles issue.

Steve Sinai said...

"You know Pacifica has quite a history of City Council Member recall elections for doing quite a bit less than this."

As much as I'd love to see Keener off Council, it's a mistake to try to recall him. The last two recall attempts went nowhere. The people trying to organize a recall election couldn't even gather enough signatures to put it on the ballot.

Brent Ritz said...

Note: I have presently chosen to address the Keener issue at a another time, besides this Thursday, upon consulting with others as I believe that would best suit Pacificans.

In the meanwhile, I would like to see more commentary on this thread.

Given the public response, both public and private, I am note even remotely concerned with acquiring enough votes for a recall. That can be accomplished in short order, very short order.

Anonymous said...

Recalls are negative energy events. We can counter this with electing a strong replacement for Ervin. Deirdre is Keener's lackey. Plain and simple. Your votes count more this election cycle to put a stop to this nonsense. A strong candidate. My choice is Sue Vaterlaus. She has strong leadership skills and understands the issues facing Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

Here! here!
Sue Vaterlaus would be a fantastic addition to our council.
Mary Ann should be re-elected.
Deirdre Martin is being pushed hard by the NIMBY's because she has assured them that she will be a very obedient puppet for them and will be a good assistant to Keener.
Digre is still floating around in the clouds which is why she's very worried about a shift in the flight paths over Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

Kathy,Read your own post today.You are in denial.When drains to ocean back up,there will be flooding.Why all sandbags,blocked streets Beach to Palmetto last major storm?
This last winter was particularly harsh and Pacifica perhaps took one of the most significant beatings by powerful tides that damaged public property and forced numerous residents to evacuate their homes after a cliffside apartment building was declared uninhabitable. Horsley remarked on Pacifica’s harsh winter and noted in some areas a managed retreat — or the planned abandonment of threatened areas — may be a necessary adaptation strategy. .... ... “Eventually sea level rise may overtop [these areas], but in the meantime, I think it behooves us to do everything we can to protect those individuals.” Read article.

Anonymous said...

Brent,Good decision!Let's keep eye on the ball!What adjustment to bond issue is needed to get 2/3 vote requirement.

Anonymous said...

Brent Ritz

Are you running for City Council?

Kathy Meeh (another reason to not elect NIMBIES) said...

914, 425, 1115, 918-- yep, government can and must try to save civic infrastructure from the Pacific ocean, namely West Sharp Park community (Pacifica), and Highway 1 (El Granada).
Does your NIMBY ideology dismiss civilization stability, protection and improvement when possible? Oh yeah, I know the answer to that already.

PS: I'm quite sure Don Horsley wasn't talking "managed retreat" for these areas-- but thanks for more insight into the confusion and deflection of NIMBY thinking.

Anonymous said...

Don Horsley, the Pacifica NOBY's are claiming that you've made statements that "managed retreat" is right for Pacifica. Can you respond please?

Anonymous said...

Horsley, was to be Pacifica's savior. Riding through town handing out bags of money.

Kathy Meeh (think!) said...

1240, saving what in Pacifica, and what "bags of money" are you referring to?

San Mateo Supervisor Don Horsley is our San Mateo County Supervisor, and his district, District 3 representation is "...from Pacifica to the Santa Cruz County line." His biography and political philosophy are described on Smart Voter. The full San Mateo County Board of Supervisors website is located here.

1118, open the Daily Journal article link, view the journalist's account of Don Horsley's comments (lower part of the article). Horsley is referring to the King Tides and the results of this year's storm damage in Pacifica; and in fact, unfortunately the apartment buildings in Manor area were abandoned, (that was "managed retreat").

Anonymous said...

Don Horsley, you have said that in some cases "managed retreat" is the last resort. Can you tell citizen's of Pacifica which parts of our coast (neighborhoods) you believe are headed toward this fate?

Kathy Meeh (do manage to retreat) said...

254, do you remember apartment buildings and some houses were taken down on Esplanade Avenue, because of or due to coastal cliff erosion? Again, that was managed retreat.

And, do you really think Don Horsley is reading your anonymous 1118 and 254 comments here? Uh, guess not.
So if the article was not clear enough for you, why don't you just call Supervisor Horsley's office for more information and his view-- Google has that phone number.

Anonymous said...


You should be more worried about Trump becoming President that what Horsley does or hasn't done for Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

Jackie Spiere,
Can you believe the corruption and ineptitude in Pacifica?
What do you think we should do with our chief kook Keener who wants to abandon everything west of Highway 1? Do you think it's a good idea for Pacifica to keep spending on trails and habitat while the safety of humans is constantly neglected?
You and Horsley and Hill need to sit down and discuss this goofy town and see if you can come up with some good advice for our leaders to get these deadbeats out of the way.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

@4:04 - Trump is going to make the sea levels go down. By a huge amount. You're going to be amazed.

Kathy Meeh (not the least bit worried about our County Supervisor) said...

404, was the 7/19, 12:40 PM comment your comment? I simply responded that your "Horsley, was to be Pacifica's savior. Riding through town handing out bags of money," was idiotic.
As 7/19, 815 PM says, "have a nice day!"

Brent Ritz said...

Given the gravity of the information and direct legal consequences to Mr. John Keener, I would contend that this thread should be focused on that issue at hand.

It is not honorable and I do think this to be an appropriate venue to promote any third party candidate on the back of this real issue.

In answer to the question as to whether I was running for City Council.
For disclosure:
I have been asked to step forward and do so at least twenty times this month.
So there is a rumor going around and I do know many in the community on a personal basis.
Frankly, I am flattered and I was a little surprised.
I have also been promised what some would consider significant financial support and endorsement to do so from multiple parties.

It has not been, nor is it, my current intent to run for public office.
I do not run into anything quickly, more like walk at a relaxed gait.
Some more accurately would call it a waddle.
I also have not publicly endorsed a candidate.

It is my intent to protect Pacifican's as individuals and property here in the community.