Friday, August 1, 2014

Coastal commission initially approves new Half Moon Bay subdivision

But, its the 21st century:  why not try to build
a development that is practical, fun and bold for our city
... pending coastal commission approval, of course!  
Half Moon Bay Review/Mark Noack, 7/31/14.  "Small subdivision moves one step closer. Coastal Commission signs off on initial plans."

"The California Coastal Commission gave a round of approvals earlier this month to what could one day become the first new subdivision in Half Moon Bay in years.

....  The Church Street subdivision would be the first project of its type to come along in years. Development has largely been nonexistent in Half Moon Bay, in part due to a round of lawsuits that gained the city a reputation for being politically opposed to town growth.

The new Church Street project is small compared to other subdivisions in town, but it could still face a drawn-out round of appeals every step of the way. The Half Moon Bay City Council approved the subdivision proposal in 2012, but the plans were appealed by local resident John Lynch and two sitting members of the Coastal Commission."   Read article.

Reference -  Church Street Subdivision, 11/4/11, Geotech Feasibility, pdf pages 50.   Note Introduction, page 3:  Item 2.1, Location.  "The property is an approximated 5.5 acre irregular shaped parcel bounded on the north by Pilarcitos Creet, on the west by the Cabrillo Highway (State Rout 1), on the south by commercial development and vacant land and on the east by Pilarcitos Creek and residential development. oject includes 12 single family lots on 5.5 acres."  Item 2.2,  Proposed improvements.  ...Construction of the Church street extension and subdivision of 12 single-family residential lots (1-12) on approximately 4.0 acres of the property and one lot for future commercial development on approximately 1.5 acres of the property."

Note photograph from My Modern Met, "Bob, the lost dog" building, Shanghai, China. 

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Anonymous said...

How many houses? Or is it condos? Commerical Condos? Mixed use development?

Anonymous said...

Church Street subdivision plans to build 10 single fam homes on a five acre parcel.

Kathy Meeh said...

An update has been added in the reference: Extension of Church street, subdivision of 12 single-family residential lots on 4 acres, and one lot for future commercial development 1.5 acres.