Saturday, August 30, 2014

Anti-Highway 1 widening lawsuit ruling delay, and plan to eat the project

PH1A plan to fix forever 
Highway 1 improvement
Pacifica Riptide/Peter Loeb, Correspondent, 8/30/14.  "Pacificans for a Scenic Coast gets its day in Court."

".... The judge has 90 days after the hearing to deliver her ruling, so the outcome may not be known until the end of November. But a ruling could come much sooner than that.

 .... The PSC lawsuit is unlikely to stop the project, but a second group, Pacificans for Highway 1 Alternatives (PH1A, is doing a variety of things to stop the project, including trying to get the city to apply for grant money to hire a traffic consultant to evaluate all alternatives for reducing traffic, raising the issue in the current City Council race, and considering a referendum or initiative on the project."

Fix Pacifica referenceHighway 1 lawsuit continues, 8/29/14.

Graphic from a Mother Jones article, "Justice Delayed."

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Larry said...

The Loebster has spoken and all airheads shall listen. No nothing, no where, no how. That's been his, and his minions, mantra for 30 years. Results? We're broke, can't keep good people (i.e. George White), and can't pay competitive wages. I lay all the fiscal and infrastructure failures directly on these guys. Loeb, Curtis, Bray, Bohner, Hall, Verby, and the rest of them have done more damage to this town than any natural disaster ever could. Go away!