Sunday, August 3, 2014

Best Bay Area beaches, Pacifica State Beach

San Francisco Chronicle/Dana Edwards, 7/28/14. "Finding the best Bay Area beach for you."
Low tide, not a great day for surfing,
anyhow surfers park at Pedro Point

"Best spot for new surfers,  Pacifica State Beach.  

In a nutshell:  Tucked away in a small cove is the charming Pacifica State Beach. Easily accessible from San Francisco along Highway 1, this beach is the perfect spot for beginning surfers, at least during the summertime (in the winter, large surf can preclude amateurs). 


Sights: Watching the sun set over rocks at the southern tip of the cove - with silhouetted surfers in the foreground - is a sight to behold.

Kid friendliness: A great place to bring kids, though space is somewhat limited, and it can get crowded. Dog friendliness: Dogs are allowed, but must be on leash. Food: Plenty of good places to eat right across the street in the town of Pacifica, though there are only a few picnic tables by the beach. Cost: $3 for four hours of parking."   Read more.

ReferenceCity of Pacifica/Linda Mar State Beach, 8 a.m. -8 p.m. "A parking receipt or pass is required to park in both the north and south Pacifica State Beach Parking lots on Highway 1 and the Crespi Parking Lot located on the corner of Crespi Dr. and Highway 1 adjacent to the Pacifica Community Center." State of CA Parks and Recreation.

Related comments - Foursquare. "The nation's only Taco Bell with an ocean view!" (Mark Harris, 9/2/11); "Great beginner surf spot." (Matthew Tillard, 10/4/10); "Best area in Bay Area" (Erich E, 1/27/14); "Bring a jacket." (Kurk Catalano-Dokins (9/2/13).  Yelp. "Beautiful beach. I remember when grandma would take all of my cousins and I. On a family trip day. She always brought us to the beach. This beach is so relax and calming makes you feel really relaxed." (Yasuko R., 7/15/14).

Note:  photograph by Marvin E., 5/26/14, from Yelp, #9. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

We just need to improve traffic situations.Right now is a mess and not welcoming to hang out in Pacifica.

Yesterday, it took me 45 minutes coming from Sharp Park to Linda Mar mall. It is ridiculous. We need to protest and go to City Hall like the old days. No one is doing nada. Nada,nada.

Chris Porter said...

There was no traffic at all yesterday as I went back and forth from my office in Sharp Park to Linda Mar and back. Time frame was 10 am to 4 pm. Now Saturday there was traffic!

Hutch said...

No traffic on Sat at 4pm when I was coming back from Princeton.

Kathy Meeh said...

About 5:00-5:30 p.m. Saturday, going north the traffic was all at Vallemar, the usual traffic bottleneck, (nothing at the Linda Mar/Pedro Point detour). And southbound traffic at Vallemar was also busy.

I think NIMBIES protest too much about the detour, in an attempt to avoid fixing Vallemar traffic. Their storybook reasoning may be something like, "if you don't build it, they won't come."