Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Vi Gotelli dies (civic activist, leader, mentor)

Pacifica Tribune, 8/19/14. "Tireless champion of local causes dies."  

Vi Gotelli (8/16/14)
.... "Violet Fern Gotelli, 88, died peacefully of natural causes at her home in Pacifica on August 16, 2014, with her beloved daughter Pamela at her side.

.... She was an elected member of the Pacifica City Council from 1992 to 1996. In March 1993, she was elected to Pacifica City Council with the historic "all-women City Council." For a period of time she served as Pacifica's mayor pro tem. She battled against excess taxes and for a cost-effective sewer treatment plant. She was always concerned that Pacifica had strong law enforcement and fire protection and prioritized those issues.

.... Internment will be private. A celebration of Gotelli's life will be held at Nick's Restaurant in Pacifica, date and time pending."  Read article.

Related  retrospective article - Vi elected to city council. Los Angeles Times/Richard C. Paddock, Staff, 6/11/1992,"All-female city council to take office in Pacifica:  Politics: All 17 men on the ballot were defeated.  The women believe their victory was just a coincidence."  "PACIFICA, Calif. — When the new City Council is sworn in here next Monday, this small coastal town will appear to be on the cutting edge of national politics. In this, the Year of the Woman, Pacifica will be governed by what is apparently the first all-female city council in California, and the first in the nation in more than a century."

Note: Lucy Bedolla Mejia and Diana Marshall contributed to this report. Photograph from the article. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Rest in peace Vi Gotelli, You were a true activist.

Elaine Larsen said...

I was sorry to hear about the passing of Vi Gotelli.

I knew her in my early to middle years at the Pacifica Tribune.

To some, she was the bane of existence, a negative trouble maker.

I tended to see another side of her.

Vi was the original muckraker. Always questioning. Always in the face of politicians she was convinced were on the dole.

She often was wrong. But there were times she was right.

Along with the late Nick Gust and Pete Pereira she formed the trifecta of Pacifica pioneers who helped shape this community in the early years after it was first incorporated. And later decried what it had became.

A young reporter could always count on Gotelli for a barbed quote or two. She had her convictions. And she’d be the first to phone up that reporter to complain about the coverage. Or offer praise when it was due.

I don’t think she focused her energy out of personal gain. Not monetarily, at least. I just think she was from an era where injustice needed to be exposed. I think she did it out of her heart. At least I hope so.

May she rest in peace.

Elaine Larsen

Linda Mar

Hutch said...

She was a fireball. Reminded me of my mom always fighting for whats right. RIP Vi.

Chris Porter said...

I agree with Elaine. That was the side I always saw of Vi even if she was hollering at me about a garbage increase (but usually she was gentle with me!). Remember all the vigor Vi put into complaining about the then unbuilt sewer treatment plant? Seems she was right on a lot of things she said. I loved Vi!