Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What traffic nightmare?

I drove north at 4 p.m. through this supposed traffic nightmare. No traffic either direction, no nightmare. There were about eight cars stopped at the light in both directions.

Submitted by Bob Hutchinson


Hutch said...

I should say that this was 4pm on Saturday

Anonymous said...

Well I could take shots of Vallemar to Rockaway at 10am on a school day too. Would that prove widening is a scam?

Seriously, this is silly.

Anonymous said...

733, You mean silly like the traffic pictures over on Riptide saying how this is the end of the world and this is why we shouldn't widen. Like that kind of silly?

Anonymous said...

two wrongs don't make a right
two false arguments also don't make for compelling reasoning

Kathy Meeh said...

116, right your are. Caltrans needs to widen Pedro Point too. That half-circle detour should have been temporary a long time ago. So, that's one wrong, the other being the permanent traffic jam at Vallemar.

From what I've observed, I think Bob's 4 pm photograph of the Linda Mar/Pedro Point detour is pretty typical of off-peak hour traffic there most of the time.

Anonymous said...


Your not supposed to take a photo while driving.

Obey the traffic laws.

Anonymous said...

Yes 827, exactly like that.

Your point is?

Anonymous said...

Distracted driving??