Friday, August 1, 2014

Coastside highway crosswalks with raised medians, widening

Half Moon Bay Review/Julia Reis, 8/1/14.  "Raised medians for safe crossings would require Highway 1 widening, county says.

Eventually a break in traffic
Nothing coming but a truck
"Raised medians at proposed Highway 1 crosswalks would require widening of the highway, resulting in increased costs and time of construction, a consultant for the Highway 1 congestion and safety improvement project warned at a public meeting Thursday night (7/31/14).

....  At the last workshop on June 18, Christensen presented designs for crosswalks at eight Midcoast locations along with flashing, pedestrian-controlled beacons that would stop traffic for people to safely cross the highway. Many who spoke at that meeting were dissatisfied with the proposed designs and asked that raised medians be better incorporated into the plans. 

....  Caltrans expects speed survey results to be available by October, as the survey has not yet been conducted. A draft report on the project is slated for publication by November, and consult
ants plan to return for another workshop in January.  Read article.

Note photographs:  inland side viewing the highway (Half Moon Bay) by Matt Hansen/Peninsula Press from SF Gate/The Peninsula Blog; Ocean side of the highway (Surfers' Beach, Half Moon Bay) from Midcoast Community Council.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Thinking of widening the highway on the mid-coast? The mid-coast community council takes the lead and hosts a public meeting.

Widening a highway in Pacifica? Pacifica city council hides and refuses to hold meetings.

Anonymous said...

Oh you know, they probably were looking for some money they misplaced.

Anonymous said...

653 You can thank Peter Loeb, Hal Bohner, Cynthia Kaufman etc for the city not being able to hold public meetings due to their lawsuit. These miscreants have been F'n up this town for too long.