Sunday, August 31, 2014

Look back at results of last city council election, 11/6/12

San Mateo County Shape the Future, official election results of November 6, 2012 election (recorded December 4, 2012).

Number To Vote For: 2
Completed Precincts: 28 of 28
Vote Count Percentage
KAREN ERVIN 10,290 38.9%
MARY ANN NIHART 9,354 35.4%
SUSAN VELLONE 6,779 25.7%

Completed Precincts: 28 of 28
Vote Count Percentage
MIKE O'NEILL 5,302 35.0%
VICTOR A. SPANO 4,060 26.8%
GARY J. MONDFRANS 1,765 11.6%  

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many people which they could take back their votes for Mary Ann and Karen.

todd bray said...

Proudly didn't vote for either. Or O'Niell,

Anonymous said...

Mary Ann and Karen are skilled people,but not in running Pacifica.Mary Ann needs consultants to tell her what to do.Karen is politically naive and needs Mary Ann to keep her out of trouble.Pacifica can not expect much with them.

Anonymous said...

Nihart's ambition for higher office keeps her from doing anything of importance on council. She's counting on us to be so thrilled by the chance to vote for the hometown girl, that we'll forget she did nada for the hometown. Ms. Nihart knows her human behavior, she surely does.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more.
These two have done virtually nothing and Digre is a befuddled useless waste of space.
Lazy low info voters who elect name brands are wrecking our city.

Turn off the fucking TV and tune into what's going on in this town......
$4,000,000 missing,
$30,000,000 ocean front library,
frivolous wasteful lawsuits by so-called Friends of Pacifica, poison pills in the quarry,
sewer spills,
crumbling infrastructure,
cops, fire and key personnel leaving
.......wake up people!
Cities all around us are prospering and improving while Pacifica is falling into the sea.

Anonymous said...

1002 Took back my nihart vote in 2012 on her second and final(thank you Bernie!)run and never voted for ervin. my only vote in that race went to sue vellone. Voted for o'neill in the other race and I'd do it again.

Anonymous said...


The only person who thinks Mary Ann has a chance for higher office, is Mary Ann!

Anonymous said...


You forgot how much the Vreeland City Hall by the Sea cost us.

Anonymous said...

206 The cost of Vreeland's Taj Mahal? Just double it for the Nihart Plan and round up for inflation. Over a million if truth be told. Which we know, won't be. Nonetheless, over a million in public funds poured down the OWWTP. This council continues to pour. Even worse, since the general economy started to recover, this city has lost millions in revenue due to this council's failure to open that site to outside development with no strings attached. This council did it. The results speak for themselves. Our poor city tells the story. Nothing has changed.

Not sure if Victor Spano can change that, but if there's a chance, we need to take it. Vote for Spano.

Anonymous said...

205 Not true at all. Nothing to indicate she hasn't held on to her core support groups--the schools and library crowds, unions, dems, her old WSP nimby gang (BTW thanks for the WWTP in the quarry, as if Loeb's poison pill wasn't enough)and a few terminally besotted. No, she has support and they vote. All that gadding about has raised her name recognition in the county. And she has the politician's ego and needs. The 4 million snafu has been neatly and hygienically managed, now just avoid bankruptcy and sure she could seek county office or choose to give the noble nursing profession her all.