Sunday, August 10, 2014

Help Buddy preserve GGNRA recreation

Save Our Recreation

How can you resist?
Somehow, the staff at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) have no trouble resisting the logic that a recreation area should be preserved for recreation.
At any moment, they could issue directives to dramatically limit public access to the GGNRA, restricting or even banning well-loved recreational activities from dog walking to picnicking to surfing.
The GGNRA was given by local governments to be held in trust for the precise purpose of preserving recreational activities. We need to let the staff at the GGNRA know that recreation must be preserved, not taken away with the stroke of a pen.
Please sign our petition now – keep recreation in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area!

Andrea Buffa
P.S. This is Buddy. Help Buddy fight to keep his access to places like Fort Funston, Baker Beach and Crissy Field! Sign our petition now!
Submitted by Andrea Buffa

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