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Bay Area water infrastructure improvement in process

Meantime water conservation is the "new normal" for the foreseeable future.

The Daily Journal/Associated Press, 8/19/14.  "Bay Area loses billions of water to leaky pipes."

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"A new study of California records shows that Bay Area water providers have been losing about 23 billion gallons of water a year due to aging and broken pipes as the state grapples with an historic drought.  

....  "Unlike visible road and bridge damage, underground water pipe breaks and leaks are often hidden from view as seeping water may go unnoticed for long stretches.And some reported water losses aren’t all attributed to leaks, expert say. Some are due to faulty meters, data errors, theft and firefighting.  ...  ...  The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission will spend $4.6 billion to replace leaky pipes that carry water from the Hetch Hetchy water system that services more than 2 million Bay Area homes and business. The new pipes in the project, supposedly designed to withstand a 7.1-magnitude earthquake, is scheduled to be completed by 2016."   Read article.

Related articleSan Francisco Examiner/Chris Roberts, 8/12/14. "Leaks contribute to drought, but water conservation to be 'new normal' for California." "California's water-conservation challenge could be nearly solved if the pipes, water mains and aqueducts that carry the state's drinking water didn't leak. But even if every pipe was secure and enough rain came this winter -- a reprieve that's looking less and less likely -- the state's current reduced water use is going to be "the new normal," state water officials said Tuesday, drought or no drought. As much as 10 percent of water used by urban areas is lost thanks to leaking transmission pipes, according to the State Water Resources Control Board."

ReferenceCA State Water Resources Control Board, (announcements, activities, information). Water use it wisely, "100+ ways to conserve",  Residential water conservation, tips:  indoor, outdoor, office, kids.

Note photographs/graphics"  Teeth brushing from Mom it forward,"Tips for home water conservation this summer".  Outreached hand to rain from the City of Culver City, CA (new regulations).

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