Sunday, August 10, 2014

More parcel taxes, an investment in educational quality and facilities

Sustainable taxes if passed,
this one for young adult future.
What an idea for a city that won't develop!
San Mateo County Times/Peninsula/Daily News, Bonnie Eslinger, 8/20/14. "San Mateo County district seeks voter approval of $388 million bond for buildings at its 3 colleges."

"The San Mateo County Community College District will ask voters Nov. 4 to approve a $388 million bond measure to pay for the modernization, renovation and construction of buildings on all three of its campuses.  ....   At least 55 percent of voters need to approve the measure for it to pass.

....  Other San Mateo County school funding measures on the Nov. 4 ballot include a $48 million bond measure for the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District, a $133 million bond measure for the Jefferson Union High School District, extensions of existing parcel taxes in the Bayshore Elementary School District and the Burlingame Elementary School District."   Read article.

Related -  The San Mateo Community College $34 annual parcel tax (4 years) that did pass, June 2010Ballotpedia, text of ballot measure, (7/2010),  Smart Voter.  And, the Jefferson Union High School District $48 annual parcel tax (4 years) tax that did pass, June 2012:  Ballotpedia, text of ballot measure, (7/2012), Smart Voter.

Note:  Photograph from The Guardian, UK.

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Tom Clifford said...

Does anyone have details on the Jefferson unified H.S. bond measure the story was light on specifics.
$133 million is a lot of money, what is its intended use.