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California water bond, a Fall ballot tax to vote for

San Francisco Chronicle/Melody Gutierrez, 8/13/14. "Slimmed-down California water bond heading to voters." 

Yep, price of your veggies is going up
"California lawmakers voted Wednesday night to swap out an unpopular $11 billion water bond with one they hope voters will find more palatable: a scaled-back $7 billion version that earned widespread bipartisan support. It was promptly signed by Gov. Jerry Brown.

The smaller water bond will appear on the November statewide ballot as Proposition 1. Included in the deal is $2.7 billion for water storage projects, $900 million for groundwater cleanup and monitoring, $725 million for water recycling and $1.5 billion for watershed restoration programs.
The water bond is seen as critical to improving California's water delivery system and combatting the effects of the current drought and those that follow."   Read more.

Related articleThe Sacramento Bee/Jeremy B. White, 8/14/14. “We’ve got a real water bond, and we’ve got Democrats and Republicans that are more unified than I’ve ever seen, probably, in my life,” the Democratic governor said. “It was an amazing convergence over a big idea, and the big idea is that the future of California needs a lot of water and we’ve got to use it in the best way possible.”"Water bond headed to voters."

Related video, getting to the $7 billion vote Sacramento Bee/Dan Walters Daily, 6/26/14, video 1 minute. "Dan Walters Daily: Water politics complicate drought response."  "Lawmakers are scrambling to craft a deal on a new water bond, the state's most confounding and contentious political issue, Dan says."  Note:  photograph from this article.  KCRA3 news, Sacramento/Mikke Luery, 6/23/14, 2:33 minutes. "Clock ticking for new California water bond"  "Water Bond Hearing".

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