Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Linda Mar Boulevard, September repaving schedule

Pacifica Tribune, 8/26/14. "Linda Mar Boulevard repaving underway."

Wasting "anyone's" money on good roads
for our city, very, very bad idea (NIMBY troll).
Linda Mar Blvd project:
improved intersection access
for wheel chairs, done.

"Linda Mar Boulevard between Linda Mar Shoppping Center and Hermosa Avenue is being repaved and handicapped access ramps installed.

Here is the updated schedule for the work from Ray Donguines of the engineering department.

  • Door hangers/letters to residents to be distributed August 26-29.
  • 2" AC Full Width Grind is tentatively scheduled for September 8-10.
  • 2" Base Repair and AC plug is tentatively scheduled for September 11-12.
  • 2" AC Pavement Overlay is tentatively scheduled for September 15-17.
  • Installation of Loop Detectors is tentatively scheduled for September 18-22.
  • Striping Layout and Striping Installation is tentatively scheduled for September 22-26."

  • Related -   Pacifica Tribune, 8/19/14. "City workers pave Linda Mar Boulevard." "The first part will improve wheelchair accessibility at various intersections by constructing wheelchair access ramps. The second part, expected to begin September 8 and last for a week, will grind the existing pavement, place on an asphalt overlay and stripe the pavement. Linda Mar Boulevard will remain passable during this second part, but delays are expected."

    Note photographs: washed-out Karachi Expressway by Athar Khan/Express Tribune; first part of  the local Linda Mar Blvd project (improved wheelchair curb access) by Horace Hinshaw, Pacifica Tribune. 

     Posted by Kathy Meeh


    Anonymous said...

    I hope this is less of a mess than the Highway 1 detour at San Pedro Road and Linda Mar.

    Anonymous said...

    That 2 inch full width grind sounds positively musical. Or dental. No pain, no gain!