Friday, August 29, 2014

Fremont is building a downtown, 58 years after becoming a city

KQED News Staff, 8/27/14. "Fremont's search for a downtown - and for stronger link to Silicon Valley."

One view of proposed Fremont downtown.
Project groundbreaking ceremony, 7/25/14
.... "Fremont was born when five different communities merged in 1956 for fear of being annexed by Hayward. Those five areas — Centerville, Irvington, Mission San Jose, Niles and Warm Springs — had their own centers, but the new city of Fremont never had a real heart.

....  At a groundbreaking for the city’s downtown initiative in July, food trucks and live music were on hand to give residents a taste of the more urban feel that Fremont seeks. “I’ve been waiting forever for a downtown,” said Sally Morgan, a resident of 27 years who attended the event. “I just would love to live near a downtown. I mean, that’s part of the community, right? 

....   The funding for the first step being celebrated at the groundbreaking comes from a $5.8 million One Bay Area Grant awarded to the city in 2013. The project will extend Capitol Avenue, connecting employment and retail centers and developing, Mayor Harrison promises, a real Main Street feel." Read article.

Reference - City of Fremont, Downtown Community Plan, pdf pages 168.  City of Fremont Capital Avenue extension groundbreaking event 7/25/14Note the artist rendering of the future Fremont downtown is 1 of 5 from this event article.

  Related articles San Francisco Chronicle/Carolyn Jones, 3/9/13. "Fremont leaders want a downtown - again." ... "For 50 years we've grown out. Now it's time for us to grow up and mature," said former mayor Gus Morrison. "Having an identity is important to us. We need one." ... The city plans to spend about $15 million on acquiring property, but most of the project will be done by private developers. Some of the project is already under way; the rest is in the planning stage."

 San Jose Mercury News/Chris De Benedetti/The Argus, 7/11/14. "Fremont moves to create new downtown's 'Main Street'."  "...  Fremont is finalizing details on using eminent domain to acquire a commercial building that must be torn down to make way for the project, city leaders said. ...The longer Capitol Avenue will create a visible gateway to the 110-acre area anchored by City Hall near the Fremont BART station. ... The project's groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled at 5 p.m. Friday, July 25, on Capitol Avenue, near City Hall and the Fremont Family Resource Center."

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Anonymous said...

Fremont is also 15 minutes from Silicon Valley. As is Pacifica 15 minutes from Downtown SF.

Some cities tap into the potential others like Pacifica squander it.

Anonymous said...

Downtown Pacifica; the definitive oxymoron.