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Democrats' Saturday, 8/16/14 Joshua Cosgrove, NCCWD update

Pacifica Tribune/Letters to the Editor, 8/12/14.  "Kudos to water board" by Therese M. Dyer

2014 North Coast County Water District,
(NCCWD) Board of Directors
Joshua Cosgrove outgoing President (middle)
"Editor:  I attended the July 9, 2014 water board meeting and was impressed with their courtesies extended to the audience. I found their agendas as well as their reports to be easily read and transparent. They recently received a Certificate of Excellence from the Special District Leadership Foundation.

I met with Cari C. Lemke, general manager, regarding issues with water fees during a drought period that also reflect our sewer fees. She told me she was meeting with city officials that week. I am hoping the billing cycles will be brought to their attention.

I expressed my concerns with the numerous leaks, and was told it was an annual report and they are in the process of replacing old pipes, which even gave the addresses of those leaks. The next Democrats meeting will be held at the Sharp Park restaurant August 16 at 9:30 a.m. Our featured speaker will be Joshua Cosgrove, water board member and Pacifica employee. The public is invited."

Reference - North Coast County Water District/Board of Directors, Joshua Cosgrove, current Board Vice-President. 

Related articles - Pacifica Tribune, 12/24/13.  "At the December 18, 2013 Board of Directors meeting of the North Coast County Water District, the Board reorganized seats and elected Director Thomas Piccolotti as Board President and Director Joshua Cosgrove as Board Vice-President.  Note photograph of the 2014 Board from this article, (Directors left, Ron Ash, Anne DeJarnatt, outgoing President Joshua Cosgrove, President Thomas Piccolotti, and Jack Burgett).  

Pacfiica Tribune 6/24/14. "NCCWD awarded transparency certificate of excellence." "The North Coast County Water District (NCCWD) was awarded the District Transparency Certificate of Excellence by the Special District Leadership Foundation (SDLF) at its regular board meeting on Wednesday, June 18. It is the first such award to be presented in the County of San Mateo." 

Related video WN video, 3/8/14, video, 1 minute.  Joshua Cosgrove,VP, Director, North Coast Water District. "Reclamation releases Draft Environmental Assessment for Madera, Irrigation District Water Conservation, Telemetry Upgrade and Improvement Project (Bureau of Reclamation."

VP, Director, North Coast Water District.  Pacifica Current TV, episode #226, "Recycled Water Project"  "Recycled Water Project.". Host Edie Hovermale discusses Pacifica's nearly finished recycled water infrastructure project with guests Joshua Cosgrove, North Coast County Water District (NCCWD) Board President, Michael P. Carlin, Deputy General Manager San Francisco Public Utilities Commision (SFPUC) and Thomas Piccolotti, NCCWD Board Vice President. You Tube uploaded 2/2/12, 28:29 minutes.  Josh Cosgrove works at Calera Creek Waste Water Treatment Recycling Plant. 

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