Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Road maintenance and updating in Half Moon Bay

"San Mateo County Journal, 8/5/14.  "Half Moon Bay streets to be repaved."

Where did our Pacifica city roads money go?
Ready for a sales or property tax to fix our roads yet?
About 7 miles of streets in Half Moon Bay will be repaved by the end of 2015 after the City Council approved a plan last month to resurface the remaining streets identified within the city’s rehabilitation program. The project will assist in the city completing the entire project within the next two years, according to the city.

.... The city has rehabilitated about 17 out of 27 total miles of city maintained streets during the last three fiscal years and has prioritized the work per recommendations made by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, according to the city.   Read more.

Reference - City of Half Moon Bay,  Hot Topics!, section 2, City Street Paving Answers - An Infographic, pdf pages 1.  "--- Maintaining streets in fair conditions is 15 times more cost effective than repairing streets in poor condition. --- The City's maintenance program for streets in fair condition was originally estimated to take 7 years to complete. Thanks to recent budgetary savings and Measure J funds, the street maintenance program will be completed in 4-5 years. ....  What street streets are in poor or the worst shape?  Once the City's current maintenance schedule is completed within the next two years, the City will consider its funding capability for repairing streets in poor condition.  The City Council will set the priority for these streets."

Related - Half Moon Bay Hot Topics, section 3, Highway 1 Traffic Reduction and Safety Improvements Project.  Basic project overview, pdf 1 page.

Note:  photograph from Rex, The Telegraph news, UK.

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