Friday, August 29, 2014

HMB, two years for State Parks to replace a foot, bicycle bridge

Half Moon Bay Review/Mark Noack, 8/27/14.  "State Parks:  Fixing Coastal Trail bridge will take 2 years."

Foot and bicycle bridge takes two years for to replace,
and no current money to do the project.
"In their first appearance before Half Moon Bay leaders, California State Parks officials said that fixing a broken Coastal Trail bridge was among their highest priorities. If last week’s assertion was meant to ease Coastside minds, it failed as badly as the Pilarcitos Creek bridge itself.

City leaders blasted the state agency for failing to take any steps to replace the bridge in the four months since it failed. Then the City Council sought to take matters into their own hands.

On Monday the City Council answered by unanimously approving a $100,000 check to help jump-start the process. It wasn’t immediately clear whether State Parks would take the money or when it would begin authorizing permits let alone work on the bridge."   Read article.

RelatedSan Mateo County Times/Aaron Kinney, 8/26/14.  "The City Council voted unanimously Monday night to allocate a pile of sales tax revenue to the cash-strapped state agency. The council wants State Parks to use the money to kick-start the project to replace the decaying Pilarcitos Creek Bridge, which the department closed in April after an employee damaged it with a tractor. The decision came one week after State Parks officials alarmed the council by saying it might take two years to replace the bridge -- and perhaps longer if funding wasn't readily available. .... State Parks hired a consultant to analyze the bridge this summer. The analysis concluded the bridge, though just 21 years old, is irreparably corroded. The agency estimates replacing the bridge will cost roughly $1.8 million. The city pledged $100,000 on Monday to begin the process of applying for environmental and other permits to rebuild the structure. City officials said they would prefer that State Parks repay the money, but they will simply give it away if necessary."

Note photographs/graphics:  Half Moon Bay aerial view of the coastal trail/bridge closed overlay is by Bill Murray from the Half Moon Bay Review, (the link includes pictures of the bridge).

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