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GOP convention from Friday, April 20, 2016, Burlingame

The Daily Journal/Austin Walsh, 4/26/16. "GOP ready to rally: Police prep for protests, supporters at Burlingame Convention."

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Get me out of here!
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Russia loves me.
"As Republicans set the stage for the party’s California convention this weekend, local officials are prepping for Burlingame to come into focus as the center of the nation’s political universe, with Donald Trump at the axis. Trump and his fellow conservative presidential hopefuls John Kasich and Ted Cruz, along with his recently announced running mate Carly Fiorina, have committed to speak at the event held in the Hyatt Regency hotel along the Bayshore.

....  Chuck McDougald, chair of the San Mateo County Republican Party, said he expects the convention to be the largest held locally, as an unprecedented amount of supporters and protesters have already announced their intent to participate in the weekend’s festivities.
“This is the most exciting convention we’ve ever had,” said McDougald, who has been a part of hosting four similar events in Burlingame previously.
 And though it is reasonable to expect all sorts of excitement surrounding the event, McDougald said he expects the nature of the convention’s festivities to be standard procedure, despite the notable guests. “There won’t be any chaos inside the hotel,” he said. “It will be politics and the convention as usual.”

Reference,  CA Republican Party Convention 2016.   CA GOP 2016 Convention updates, "April 29 (Friday) - May 1 (Sunday), 2016, Hyatt Regency, San Francisco Airport, Burlingame, CA." 

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Anyone but Trump, that would be us.
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I'm not running for President.
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Eh gad, did Trump just say that?
Related news, general voting and convention news. Breitbart News/Joe Fleishman, 4/26/16,"CA Primary: The Final Showdown for 2016 Begins this Friday.".  .... ... "On May 9, mail-in ballots will start to be mailed out in California, for an election that will basically take place over the course of an entire month.  While many will vote on June 7, it is expected that a majority of votes cast in the primary election will take place through the U.S. Postal Service.
 ....The party will have other business taking place at the convention. .... ...  the state party will take positions on the myriad of ballot measures that will be coming before California voters in November — which include tax increases, banning plastic grocery bags, legalizing pot, ending the death penalty, reforming the death penalty, requiring voter approval for major public works projects, and more."

Related news, anti-Trump protest, Friday April 29, 2016.  Facebook,"Protest Donald Trump's speech..."Donald Trump is coming to the Bay Area - let's show him a real Bay Area welcome by peacefully protesting outside. Trump is delivering the keynote speech at the California GOP 2016 Convention's Kickoff Lunch Banquet at 12pm! We'll gather at 11am."  Anti-Trump political humor. About Entertainment/Daniel Kurtzman, "Donald Trump Quotes. Ridiculous and outrageous quotes by Donald Trump."

Note photographs. Donald Trump in hat by Rick Wilking/Reuters/KCNA from Business Insider/Politics/Colin Campbell, 1/6/16,"...  "How I'd handle that 'madman' in North Korea."  Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) and Gov John Kasich (Ohio) by Paul Sancya/AP from Bretbart/Matthew Boyle, 3/22/16, "... 'Disturbing Pattern' of 'Untruthfulness'... "  House Speaker Paul Ryan by Doug Mills from The New York Times/Ashley Parker, 3/29/16, "Donald Trump Is Bringing Message of Jobs and Trade..." NJ Gov Chris Christie standing next to Donald Trump by John Moore/Getty images from  BuzzFeed/Stephanie McNeal, 3/3/16, "Cristie says he's not a Trump hostage..."  "... Christie added that he doesn’t intend to be a “full-time surrogate” for Trump, and doesn’t have more campaign appearances scheduled.  NJ Gov Chris Christie and Mary Par Christie with Donald Trump by Carlo Allegri/Reuters from NY Daily News/Nicole Hensley, 4/27/16. .... "The sexist remark heard at the tail end of his Trump Tower press conference in Manhattan garnered a quizzical smirk from one of Trump’s sidekicks: Gov. Chris Christie’s wife Mary Pat Christie."
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