Monday, September 14, 2015

Solutions are needed to house people in our community

Pacifica Tribune, Letters to the Editor 9/8/15. "Housing crisis" by SFOP/PIA members:  Ellen Hage, Barbara Erbacher, Carolyn Jaramillo, Delia McGrath, Monica Olsen and Gloria Stofan; and Mary Bier, Pacifica Collaborative.

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Much more affordable and low cost housing is needed in Pacifica.
"Editor:  Thanks to each and every person who took the time to join us for the important community presentation, "Keeping the Lid On: The High Cost of Housing and What We Can Do About It," [Aug. 23 at St. Peter Church].

Eighty people showed up. Such a huge turnout is indicative of the magnitude and severity of the housing crisis in Pacifica and the intense interest and will to do something about it. People are hurting in our community; they want solutions and are willing to work for them, acting positively and creatively together to preserve the integrity and stability of this beautiful city we love.

We have set in motion a process that can find meaningful solutions to preserve our wonderful community of Pacifica and do so with compassion for each other. Three important follow up dates: Sept. 10 community action/planning meeting 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Community Center; Sept. 14 speak to the City Council; Sept. 26 walk together in the Fog Fest Parade and distribute information pages. Details will follow through our email and in Pacifica Tribune's calendar of events."

Reference, SFOP/PIA group. San Francisco Organizing Project/Peninsula Interfaith Action (Facebook).   Note photograph from Affordable Housing Development Corporation (AHDC), Clovis, CA. "Affordable Housing Development Corporation (AHDC) utilizes Federal and State affordable housing programs which encourage private investment in rental housing for low-income families."

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

You don't have a right to live in the most expensive area of the United States which is Bay Area.

If you can't pay the rent, whether you gamble your money away, drink it away, lose your job or have liver cancer, get out of here NIMBY.

We dont' care what country you came from or where you go.

Pay the rent or leave NIMBY!

Anonymous said...

Exactly why should my taxes pay your rent because you're too old lazy or sick to do it yourself.

Keener the greener thinks he's Mother Teresa.

John your job is to fix the city not help poor people

Anonymous said...

355 Taking a victory lap for the 7-Eleven deal or is your vileness natural?

Thomas Clifford said...

Anonymous 3:55 You either lack human compassion or are just trolling for a reaction. Either way you need help.

mike bell said...

3:55 and 4:45 are either attempting to smear the character of people who speak out against NIMBY and NOBY town wreckers or they are very disturbed people who know nothing about life. They do not represent those of us who care about Pacifica.
The day will come when both of these miscreants will need compassion either for themselves or a loved one for an event or circumstance that they never expected. Maybe then their eyes will open.