Thursday, September 3, 2015

Recycling hints from Recology, paper plate eating, and take out

Image result for recycle paper plates with food on it picture Dirty paper plate and plastic utensils, where do they go?

Dirty paper plate - Green compost cart  (food contaminated paper products).

Plastic utensilsIf clean - Blue Recycle cart , even if no numbers (advised by Recology staff).

Reference,  Recology of the Coast/Recycling, Organics, Garbage:  Recycling, clean unmarked plastic utensils (blue cart):  Recology Customer Services has confirmed that clean plastic utensils without numbers may be recycled.  Organics,  Paper waste (green cart): Napkins.Waxed cardboard. Paper towels/plates.Tea bags. Coffee grounds/filters. Paper/cardboard "to-go" containers. Paper milk cartons. Garbage/trash, plastic (gray cart): Shrink wrap and plastic bags. Styrofoam/polystyrene containers and packing peanuts. Toys, trays, garden hoses; unmarked plastics.
Note photograph from from ecofriend.

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