Friday, September 11, 2015

Supermarket closed creates a problem for some people

Photo taken at Lucky by Carol H. on 3/11/2012
Gone, time gap, waiting for Safeway

"Lucky's closing" by Roberta Giusti

"Editor: I moved to my apartment on Gateway Dr. and Hickey Blvd. two years ago because I don't drive and there was a supermarket and other stores across the street.  I just re-signed a two year lease in June and Lucky Supermarket closed in July. I'm left without access to food. 

If the 7-11 opened at least there would be food options, but a few people are blocking that now. I am very upset about having no food available to me, with no end in sight. I just sit and look at two empty buildings. I'm my fifties to young for help from senior services. Now I am stuck in here in a ghost town."

Related articles. Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, 7/16/15, "Lucky supermarket in Fairmont closing, Safeway coming".  Customer reviews. Yelp, Lucky Supermarket, Fairmont Shopping Center. Photograph of past Fairmont Lucky market by Carol H. from Foursquare, 3/11/12. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh

19 comments: said...

Safeway is opening November 2015 in the former Luckys at Fairmont Shopping Center

Dollar Store will lose 1200 sq feet.

Don't miss the 7-Eleven City Council Meeting this Monday 7pm at 2212 Beach Blvd!

Stop by and say hi and mention FixPacifica, we'll be in the front row!

Anonymous said...

RiteAid ten feet from Lucky has lots more groceries than 7-11 at Sharp Park.

What s your proof that Safeway is coming and will Manor Safeway close?

Anonymous said...

Anyone stupid enough to conflate a supermarket's food options with 7-11 deserves to leave the gene pool ASAP via sugary fat crap, tobacco and alcohol. Can we show you to the door? said...


While I didn't mention that today, it is my understanding that Safeway has confirmed last month they would be closing the Manor Store.

Safeway will be opening up a store in the Fairmont Shopping Center before the end of the year in the expanded space of the old Lucky store.

Also 7-Eleven is now officially FogFest's 2nd Largest "Mermaid Level" Sponsor and will be handing out drinks at Fogfest in the booth adjacent to the largest "White Cap" sponsor Recology.

7-Eleven will also be hosting a breakfast at Sunset Ridge Elementary School and is allegedly and astonishingly attempting to be an "official sponsor" of Sunset Ridge-the Pacifica School District may be unable to prevent it, as the "Tobacco Free Schools Ordinance BP 8513.3" doesn't actually prevent a tobacco merchant from being at an elementary school, just from smoking cigarettes in school buildings or handing out tobacco products to children.

Anonymous said...

This letter reads like something written by 7-Eleven. First, as another reader mentioned, Rite Aid carries a lot more food items than does your average 7-Eleven. Second, the Tribune article on the Lucky closure -- with the big headline reading "Lucky Supermarket in Fairmont Closing, Safeway Coming" -- made crystal clear that Safeway would be moving in long before any prospective 7-Eleven could be built. Given that the letter writer reads the Tribune and is tuned in enough to local issues to know about the 7-Eleven problem, it isn't likely that he is truly sitting at home competing with mice for hidden bread crumbs while praying for 7-Eleven to save him. I call foul.

Anonymous said...

933 Show her the door? How about show her some compassion? Conflate that, Nasty!

Anonymous said...

I hear Manor Safeway will be remodeled into a Lucky's California like the one up on Mission Blvd. in Daly City.

Anonymous said...

No disagreement here that 9:33's comment was just nasty!
And it seems that 1:13 either didn't read or pay much attention: The letter writer is a woman, not a "he", and to suggest that she can basically do without food until the store re-opens? By all means disagree with 7-Eleven being the ideal new owner, but being nasty about it is just counter-productive. I'm embarrassed for both of you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, 3:28 -- did you graduate from one of Pacifica's underperforming schools? Because you seem to have trouble reading. My comment at 1:13 did not suggest that the letter writer could do without food until Safeway takes over the Lucky store. To the country, I pointed out that the current Rite Aid sells more for than does any 7-Eleven AND that the Safeway will be up and running long before 7-Eleven will be able to build and open its new store, which makes the letter writer's claim that she needs 7-Eleven in order to eat completely suspect.

Anonymous said...

Yea let's all get worked up about 7-11 while Pacifica is going down like a turd in a toilet. You guys should feel right at home in this incompetent town.
Hey Pete where'd that $7,000,000 surplus go? Hey Julie where'd that $4,000,000 go?
Hey Sue what happened to our Environment Is Our Economy? Hey Keener having fun yet?
Hey Vreeland........oops forgot.

Anonymous said...

@359 I love history too, but how about this current bunch? And what the hell happened to the "we're in charge now" council of Stone, Nihart and O'Neill or whoever the third wheel was? Apparently stopped dead (oops) in their tracks by the nobie minority led by the all-powerful (who knew) Sue Digre. I'm sure that's why they couldn't do a damn thing. You can blame this one and that one if it turns you on because they're all failures, but Pacifica is a decades long horror that will not end until the county takes over.

The Shell Answer Man said...

I've got an idea: What if we change the name of our fair little hamlet to Iran? Pretty sure no one else in these parts is using it right now. Then if we just draft a little diddy, get it signed by a majority of the City Council, promise never to develop a nuclear bomb, and, that the only fission goin' on around here will be at the pier (see what I did there?), then maybe the Feds will write us a big fat check for a dozen or so mill/bill. Problem solved. Future saved. No thanks needed. It's what I do.

Anonymous said...

We've been using that strategy for years.
Instead we've been calling ourselves the "little rusty bucket" that doesn't know how to: stop sewage overflows, aquifer contamination, dead whales from rotting on the beach, police flight, SFO flyovers,infrastructure decomposition, manage money, generate revenue, manage traffic, attract tourists, build affordable housing, play hard ball with predatory commercial property owners, get crap development off of our Pacific bluffs, get rid of garbage all over our neighborhoods or anything else a Scenic Coastal town should be doing.
Then we beg the state for bailout money which has already decided that Pacifica is a bad taxpayer investment. Calling ourselves IRAN might be a step up but I doubt if it will fool anyone anymore about who we really are.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the same lady who complained that she was stranded between floors when the escalator suddenly stopped functioning at Serramonte?

Anonymous said...

Yes that happened to me.
Thankfully I was rescued by a hero first responder who rappelled over the side of the second floor. It was a little dicey at first because I weigh 437 pounds. Fortunately the local mattress store pitched in and they were able to provide me with a soft landing. Afterwards I treated everyone to a hot fudge sundae.
Serramonte is the best. I wish Pacifica had a mall.

Anonymous said...

Shell@1105 (nice work)

Steve Sinai said...

"While I didn't mention that today, it is my understanding that Safeway has confirmed last month they would be closing the Manor Store."

Today I asked one of the long-time employees at the Manor Safeway store if they were closing when the Fairmont store opened, and he said no. said...

Thanks Steve Sinnai, we are very glad to hear that.

The Manor Safeway is a clean modern store at one of main gates to the City and the local market seemed more than capable of supporting both the coming Fairmont Shopping Center location and the Manor location.

Anonymous said...

yeah -- I love 7-11 to get real junk food, and a vape fix.