Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Happiness includes an improved City

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Our happiness includes a better
response to savor from the City. Barker, 8/31/15. "How to be happier without really trying." (10 daily principles, view from happiness researchers Fred B. Bryant and Joseph Veroff.

....  "One of the key happiness principles is savoring. That’s a fancy term for really taking a second to appreciate those happy moments in your life.

You often think that it’s the world that makes you happy but it’s really how you respond to the world. Those silly little things you do here and there in response to good moments; increasing those is the key to how to be happier without really trying."  Read article. 

Note photograph by Jessie Greger/San Francisco Zoo from Animals/Cheer up/Jason G. Goldman,"Lawn ornaments help Lemurs stay happy and healthy." 

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