Sunday, September 27, 2015

Harbor District settles harassment claim

"Half Moon Bay Review/Carina Woudenberg, 9/23/15.  "Harbor District settles $295K harassment claim. Finance director leaves district with large cash payment." "We considered it was the least amount of harm that could be done to the district."  Tom Mattusch, San Mateo County Harbor Commission."

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 Any other harassment lawsuits pending?
"After more than a decade of employment with the San Mateo County Harbor District, Finance Director Debra Galarza left her post on Sept. 3. The district provided her with a $295,000 settlement in exchange for a release of all claims she made against the district and Harbor Commissioner Sabrina Brennan.

According to the settlement agreement, supplied by the Harbor District, Galarza filed two internal complaints, the first in 2013 and another in 2014. Last fall, she filed a harassment complaint against Brennan. The complaint’s argument dated back to a December 2013 meeting at which Brennan asked Galarza during a public Harbor Commission meeting whether she was a certified public accountant. Galarza said that she was not but that past finance directors hadn’t been CPAs either. Galarza had said at the time that she was offended by Brennan’s questioning and left the meeting in protest.

The settlement was agreed upon during a closed session of a recent Harbor Commission meeting. Brennan was excluded from that meeting due to her involvement in the claim, but other commissioners say they view the settlement as necessary in the face of potential litigation."

Related articleSan Mateo Daily Journal/Bill Silverfarb, 5/22/15. "Harbor District in chaos: Interim general Manager alleges harassment. President Sabrina Brennan may be stripped of title. Commission sticks with Cartel to lead Mavericks event."  Fellow Commissioner Robert Bernardo, however, calls Brennan a “walking lawsuit” and Commissioner Tom Mattusch, who supports Brennan, said she’s ruffled enough feathers in the community to turn the district into a high drama organization."  For Fix Pacifica article reprints, "search this blog": Harbor District.

Reference -San Mateo County Harbor District,  Board of Commissioner.   Note photograph/graphics. "Where does the money go?" from  Super Saving Tips.  Mission statement from the reference Harbor District. 

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Steve Sinai said...

Brennan is a crazed hippie.

Anonymous said...

....who knows how to work the system. Just like the ones in Pacifica who sue, cajole, harass and bully everyone to accept their world view.