Friday, September 25, 2015

Superpower question

Image result for superpower picturePacifica Tribune (print edition), Bartlett's Bullets/Jean Bartlett, 9/23/15.  Asked at Linda Mar Safeway"If you could have one superpower what would it be?"

"The ability to remove a person's consciousness and swap it out with another's so they can see how it is to live in the other person's shoes.  In addition I would like the ability to compel someone to tell the truth." Tygarjas Twyr1s Bigstyck.

"A superpower that would enable me to help lots of poor and needy people. I would help them with food, water, medical care, a roof ove their head and I would send them to school." Hema Arwade.

Other comments included two moms, Sharon Vintero would "read minds" to know what her children are thinking about; Chrissy O'Reilly would be in two places at one time. Steven Roark would "build a better mousetrap" to foil human deception.  Dara Soeurn would fly so he can "see the world".

Note graphic from  North Hill branch Library/Akron, OH.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Bigstyck is going to on city council.

The Local Libertarian said...

The power of self-control!