Thursday, September 10, 2015

Recycling hints, bulk cardboard

Image result for Stack of cardboard for recycling 3 feet tall, wide picture
Alternative cardboard use,
take to Burning Man next year

Information from Recology Staff... any additional hints in recycling cardboard, please advise.

Image result for Stack of cardboard for recycling 3 feet tall, wide picture
Extra space in blue cart,
stack 3'x3' or smaller cardboard
Additional bulk cardboard recycling, outside the blue recycling cart?

Cut the large sections of cardboard into 3' x 3' segments.  Tie the bundle with string, twine (or even packing tape) to hold the stack of cardboard together.  (3' x 3' is the size that will fit through the truck opening for bulk cardboard.  The stack should also be no higher than 3').

Place the stack of tied cardboard next to the recycling cart for regularly scheduled, curbside pick-up.

Note photographs -  Stack of cardboard from Garbage Finds, the image is actually old records. Cardboard elephant from Inhabitat.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Let's make it easier for Recology to make even more money.

Kathy Meeh said...

805, more room in the blue recycle cart.

This is the forth (4th) Recology recycling hint article I've posted within the past month. Surprised you haven't complained prior. Some reason for the delay?

And oh well, there is the underlying NIMBY (nothing for Pacifica) concern about companies providing a service and making a profit-- the alternative being companies that provide a service, do not make a profit and fail.
Start the day with that ongoing Pacifica reminder, duh!

Anonymous said...

There's virtually no limit to the situations in which one can use The Nimby excuse. One size fits all.