Monday, September 21, 2015

Coming City event, be there: Fog Fest Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pacific Coast Fog Fest: Saturday, 9/26, and Sunday, 9/27, 10 AM to 6 PM.  Parking may be no problem (LOL).

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Pacific Coast Fogfest, 2015. "The Pacific Coast Fog Fest each year promotes the City of Pacifica, attracts visitors, celebrates our community and raises funds for local community groups as well as the “Gift for Pacifica Fund.” We strive to lessen our environmental footprint by moving towards zero waste.   


The Fog Fest was created in 1986 to promote Pacifica and to celebrate our marvelous coast. The last full weekend of September was chosen because historically the weather is unbeatable. The Fog Fest kicks off Saturday morning at 10 am with the Discover Pacifica Parade and Marching Band Competition. Then stay and enjoy our Arts and Crafts booths, Food and Beverage booths, Musical Entertainment, Family Fun Fest and a variety of  other activities."

Related, special presentation, Saturday, Sept. 26,  9:45 a.m.  Pacifica Tribune/Carol Camacho, Fog Fest Committeee, 9/16/15. "From the Fog Fest Newsroom."  ....  "Special Fog Fest Proclamation Dedication - Assemblymember Kevin Mullin and on behalf of Senator Jerry Hill, along with a representative from Congresswoman Jackie Speier's office,and Supervisor Don Horsley will be dedicating a proclamation to the Fog Fest Organizing Group for their years of community service. Also presenting will be Mayor Karen Ervin and Pacifica Chamber of Commerce CEO Courtney Conlon who will conduct a milestone ribbon cutting. In addition, FFOG president Larry Passmore will present Chris Porter of Recology of the Coast, and a dedicated Fog Fest sponsor, a certificate of appreciation for Recology's years of sponsorship support.The special presentation will be conducted 15 minutes prior to the parade start time of 10 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 26 at the south stage located at Palmetto and Montecito avenues."

Reference -  Pacific Coast Fogfest, Map, Program, Transportation information.    Note photographs of Pacific Coast Fog Festival. Band 12 of 36 from Yelp.  Tents from SF Cheap Fun, 2014. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Can't wait!
If you have false teeth leave 'em on the dresser.
If you have a dog shine it up and make sure it eats a big breakfast so it can make a nice big stinky in the middle of the walkway.
If you're an amateur "alky" this day was made for you.
Don't forget to get that brand new tattoo to show off to all your friends.
If you have a big beer belly or a mushroom top be sure to wear a tank top.
Bring cash for overpriced greasy food and booze. All the other stuff is the same old junk you find at any flea market.
Don't forget that litter enforcement for the entire area will be suspended so just throw your shit everywhere especially used baby diapers.
Yeeee Haaaa.

Fart Fest said...

Come one, come all!

Enjoy the fabulous Comcast and San Jose Mercury News booths. Find a fantastic deal on chiropratic or bathroom-tile services. Want another flyswatter from San Mateo Vector Contro? FogFest has you covered!

Deck yourself out in Hells Angels swag and get shitfaced on Pacifica's official swill.

Attendees bringing pitbulls with them get two fistfights for the price of one!

See you on Vomitto Blvd!

Sharon said...

Anon at 7:50 and 11:33 - go take your depression medication.

Hand Egg said...

Lighten up. You're forgetting about the Lombardi trophies which will be present at Fog Fest. They are awarded to the team of grown men who threw a ball and caught it better than other teams of grown men, all while dressed up in costumes featuring tight pants. Inexplicably, there's a lot of butt touching involved.

So come celebrate the non-accomplishments of grown men playing childrens' games while getting paid millions to do it. How American! How Patriotic! How Fog Fest!

C U there! (I'll be the drunk, shirtless guy with tattoos)

Kathy Meeh said...

Very good Sharon 11:51. Hopefully 7:50, 1133 feels better now.
Fogfest is a family fun, community festival with many volunteer organizations participating. Most of us know that, right?

Pacifica Patch/LocalStream, 9/21/15 has a small article and Facebook link to one volunteer organization: Pacificans Care, "Fogfest celebrating 30 years!"
"Join Pacificans Care at Fog Fest 2015! We’re marching in the Discover Pacififica Parade which starts at 10am on Saturday, September 26. After the parade, we’ll be volunteering in the Fog Fest Souvenir Booth all weekend. We hope to see you at Fog Fest!"

Anonymous said...

My favorite booth is the one where they try to convince you to raise your neighbor's taxes through the roof so they can shut down our two perfectly good libraries and build a new one that nobody wants.

Will there be a wastewater retention basin booth too? Such good attractions, like the Recology booth where you can be yelled at about what does and does not go into the recycling bins. Great stuff. Go, Fog Fest!

Kathy Meeh said...

104, the event is "free" and heavily attended, so probably no one will miss your not participating absence.
Change your mind, especially want to continue bitching to yourself? "Alternative", it's televised on PacificaCoast TV.

Anonymous said...

Fog Fest is a notch below the greatest pig chase at the county fair.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, 2:09, there will be plenty of pigs for you to chase at Pacifica's wonderful Fog Fest!

Come support your community, have seventeen "fog cutters," and throw up on some poor kid.

Anonymous said...

They should call it Sweat Fest. I've never seen more red-faced shirtless drunks gathered in one place than I have at this event -- and I attend NASCAR!

The dregs of humanity just dripping all over the place and yelling at each other as they shove into you (bring a raincoat) to get to the next beer tent.

What's the over/under on the number of alcoholics passed out on the IBL lawn at any one time? Seven?

Anonymous said...

I will leave the pigs for you, chubby chasers.

Is there going to be hillbilly hand fishing.

Anonymous said...

Somebody on this blog sure has it in for the Fog Fest. I've been to the Fog Fest several years in a row and I haven't seen what this person is describing. I see a lot of local people and out-of-towners enjoying themselves, strolling up and down the street looking at the booths, enjoying the music and the kids area, eating the admittedly overpriced food. Why is this such a bad thing? Sure there are some tattoos on display but that's become more and more prevalent these days. I don't get all the hate on the Fog Fest. If you know so much about what it's like, why do you go? Or are you making it up?

Save Them 4 Me said...

Hey man, nothing wrong with some meat on the bones!

Palmetto Blvd. has xoin laundromats, transmission shops, auto body wrecking yards, and the trash dump. Beach Blvd. has the pier, the golf course and the city's gem -- the beach and the beautiful blue Pacific.

So naturally Fog Fest takes place on Palmetto. Go, Pacifica!

Anonymous said...

"I've been to the Fog Fest several years in a row and I haven't seen what this person is describing."

That's because you're either too busy downing the brewskies or you're behind the tents throwing your guts up to notice.

Real Talk said...

Fog Fest is where the women go to show off their tramp stamps and the men play wanna-be biker dress up for the day. Throw in copious amounts of alcohol, sun, and crowds... and there you have it. Fog Fest.

If this is your thing, more power to ya, just let's not pretend this is some artsy-fartsy celebration of what our town has to offer. It's the exact opposite of that.

Anonymous said...

The key to enjoying Fog Fest is coming early on Saturday for the parade, catching one of the good bands playing on the stage, and then splitting before the crowd starts getting rough towards late afternoon.

The whole Hells Angels presence is an unfortunate cloud on the whole event though.

The Ghost of Perle Mesta said...

Yup, nothing, and I mean nothing, spells "L-O-V-E" between you, spousey and the little ones more than a day trip to the annual Pacifica Fog Fest. It's like entertainment from the 9th century. Imagine, if you will, the congregation of geeks, trolls, mutants and felons, all on leave for the weekend from their respective WalMarts, biker bars and bus terminals, lining the hallowed street of Palmetto with their regal eminence. Don't let the windfall of used syringes, misplaced tourniquets, soiled condoms, aluminum foil makeshift crack pipes and crushed beer cans decorating the main street and back alleys of the FF fool you. This is one first class event! And how I look forward each year to explaining all this to my kids as they maneuver through the welcoming stench of projected urine, barf and discarded garbage. Yup, let's show the rest of those San Mateo County city snobs, as well as the entire free world, just what it means to be a "can-do" Pacifican. Let 'em all know that "Our environment is our economy" isn't just a cheap slogan, but that it makes a bitchen tat.

Anonymous said...

Haha, bravo 8:02! Post of the week award for you.

I think a legitimate gripe is that none of Pacifica's restaurants or shops are represented at Fogfest. Seems like this would be a no-brainer, but...y'know...Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

To any readers who would like to believe that this is all made-up nonsense and would like to see for yourselves: At around 2 or so, head on over to any of the music stages and I guarantee you will see the most balls-out shitfaced people on planet earth "dancing" to whatever caterwauling is going on at the time. Then head on over to the parking lot at the Seahorse Saloon for sights beyond your wildest imagination. Don't take the kids and enjoy your trip!

Anonymous said...

Why is FF always on Palmetto? It's the ugliest street in town. Why not Beach or Ocean Blvds? Or does the dog shit and baby diapers just "fit in" better with the existing decor there?

Anonymous said...

These comments are supposed to "fix pacifica"? I don't understand how people who care about this community and work to make it better deal with these anonymous and ridiculous posts. Hopefully, most people have the opportunity to experience Pacifica for what it incredibly beautiful place to live and raise a family that needs support from both the residents and visitors to make it stronger and both economically and environmentally healthier than ever before. The FogFest event is awesome; the kids, adults and visitors love it. People from all walks of life will be there and let's welcome them all.

Steve Sinai said...

I find the comments amusing and don't take them seriously at all.

Anonymous said...

Obviously people are exaggerating to make a point (you won't really be dodging piles of dirty diapers or stubbing your toes on used needles at Fog Fest), but there is some truth to the observations: The crowd IS harder than the crowds you see at the vast majority (if not all) area art and wine festivals; people DO tend to get sloppy drunk and loud as the day progresses, so arriving and leaving early are good ideas; there IS an over representation of large-scale commercial vendors and people who sell crap they bought off the shelves at Dollar stores, as opposed to vendors who sell crafts and other handmade, unique items that are the Hallmark of most area art and wine festivals; INTACT pit bulls ARE overrepresented; the food selection IS surprisingly poor given all of the fantastic local eats; and the Sea Horse Saloon IS scary.

Fog Fest could and should be used to showcase Pacifica, but the organizers appear to like to "keep it real" which, I guess, means Fog Fest will not be getting a face lift any time soon. And yes, non-profits do earn money off the sale of alcohol during the event, but if Fog Fest were cleaned up so that the buzz around the bay is that Fog Fest is worth driving to from somewhere other than the immediate surrounding areas of Daly City, San Bruno, and SSF, those non-profits would make a heck of a lot more money. Someone with the ability to do something (I am looking at you Anne Steedler) should spend a little time asking the organizers of the other area art and wine festivals how much money THEIR non-profits earn during those events. I'd put money on the answer being " a lot more than we do." The natural next question would be: How do we do what you guys do?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the booths at Fog Fest take EBT cards?

Anonymous said...

Only in Pacifica do our community organizations rely on alcohol and fireworks sales to get by. These organizatuons should be ashamed and embarrassed of themselves.

But enough of the harm these organizations are doing to our community...on to Fog Fest...

Half of the problem is location. Move Fog Fest over one block to Beach Blvd where the views a spectacular. Allow temp perpendicular parking all along Palmetto for the weekend. Bam! Parking issues solved, Sharp Park residents can get to their homes, and the Hells Angels can still play homoerotic Cowboys & Indians over on their Palmetto private property where no one will see them. This probably won't be very appealing to them because why bother putting on your gay motorcycle bondage outfits if no one will see you.

Next you make it a #1 PRIORITY to ensure that local Pacifica restaurants and shops are present. Don't charge them for booth space. How dumb is it to have a PACIFICA event with no Pacifica businesses represented? Seriously...someone from the FF planning committee explain this one to me. DON'T HAVE A PACIFICA FOGFEST IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO HAVE PACIFICA REPRESENTED YOU IDIOTS!

Lastly, limit the alcohol sales by 50%. God forbid you make a little less $ but make it a more friendly atmosphere in the process. This event ain't about squeezing every dime you can out of it.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know about all that ^^^ but is IS strange that you can't local food like Gorilla BBQ or a crab sandwich from Nick's. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...


You do know that the crab in the crab sandwich at Nick's comes out of a can? It's not fresh crab.

Anonymous said...

Nick's crab sandwich is $21.

mike bell said...

Brilliant suggestions.
Beach Blvd is a perfect location.
Grassy field at the southern end for family picnicking and music.
The pier could accommodate dozens of booths all the way out to the end.
Good connectivity to our beautiful trails, beaches and ocean front and views.
Concourse de' Elegance at the Sharp Park Golf and Country Club (create an entrance along Clarendon). Remove all of the crap in the old waste water treatment plant and use the grounds for events and headliner entertainment. Charity Bingo in Council Chambers.
This could be a very classy Pacifica experience that would etch the minds of thousands all over the bay area in a positive way.

Crabby said...

10:24-- I don't give a crap if Nick's gets its crabs from your mother, numbnuts.

Fog Fest is Pacifica's premire event and people are sick of the lazy fair food of artichoke hearts, chicken skewers, and garlic fries served up by outside vendors.

Pacifica restaurants could make a mint selling this stuff (while promoting their businesses to outsiders):

* bbq from Gorilla
* hamburgers from RocknRobs
* crab sandwiches from Nicks (omg they cost $21 yet people would STILL buy them, doofus!)
* crepes from High Tide
* pizza from Viva Italiano
* rice balls from Luigi's
* deli sandwiches from Columbo
* bahn mi from Bunny's
* fish and chips from Camelot
* beer from Devil's Slide Taproom
* wine from Table Wine
* deserts from Mazetti's

But noooooooo, lets just go with the same old sausage sandwiches and frozen lemonade you can get at any washed up fair.

Anonymous said...

With the highest intentions Mr. Bell has sealed Palmetto's fate to forever host the FF.

Steve Sinai said...

Moving the Fog Fest to Beach Boulevard would be a great idea. Palmetto between Lacy Middle School and the library is one of the ugliest areas of town, and certainly doesn't leave a positive impression of Pacifica on anyone who attends the festival.

Anonymous said...

Fog Fest is Pacifica's premire event and people are sick of the lazy fair food of artichoke hearts, chicken skewers, and garlic fries served up by outside vendors

They will have Budweiser there just for you.

Anonymous said...

Pacifica restaurants couldn't even begin to manage high volume food prep in a Fog Fest booth for thousands of customers. There have been a few in the past who tried and failed miserably.

Chris Porter said...

None of the local restaurants want to sell at the Fog Fest because they do not want to cook on the street and deal with the health department requirements and staffing issues. They all do very well that weekend selling at their own venues. And 9/21 at 1:04, please stop by the Recology booth on Saturday and identify yourself because I am sure you are the one who puts the wrong things in the recycling bin. I'll be happy to talk to you personally.

Anonymous said...

Aww, self-loathing Pacifica. At least Bell has a point. Beach Blvd would be an awesome FF site with the view, the pier. And no Hell's Angels would signal the start of a new kind of FogFest. Ditto for the pit bulls. Low-rent FF mascot. Not at all sure "live and let live" Pacifica is ready for a different FF, but for those on here who'd prefer a more upscale Pacifica- with all that means, then improving FogFest is a must do. Who picked slummy Palmetto and why? Surely the idea of Beach Blvd has come up before. What's the resistance? Political, regulatory, logistics?
Real restaurants avoid doing street fair food. It's not their kind of business. Why bother with the mess and disruption of being a street-vendor for a day or two when they can pick up extra business without being there? Not saying FF couldn't find better food vendors from among the fair/festival specialists. They could.

I Heart Kermie said...

Fog Fest needs more people walking around in frog costumes.

Anonymous said...

You going to hug'em Kermie?

I Heart Kermie said...

"You going to hug'em Kermie?"

A hug and maybe a little pat on the rear.

Why don't we change the name to "Frog Fest"?

deep fried frogs said...

How about a red legged deep fried frog booth?

Anonymous said...

HMB Pumpkin Festival has local food on the streets, so I'm not buying the excuse that it can't be done in Pacifica.

It sounds to me that some people just won't bother trying because it would require a change in thinking and a smidgen of elbow grease. So another year of schlock for FogFest!

Steve Sinai said...

"HMB Pumpkin Festival has local food on the streets, so I'm not buying the excuse that it can't be done in Pacifica."

Now that you mention it, you're right. They've got pumpkin shakes, pumpkin burgers, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin beer, pumpkin wine, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin chili, pumpkin dogs, pumpkin butter and jelly sandwiches. I think it's local community groups that do it rather than local businesses.

If you go to the Cherry Blossom Festival in SF, they always have community groups that make and sell Japanese, Korean and Filipino food. There's no reason Fog Fest needs to confine itself to generic carnival food.

The only problem is, what kind of food is Pacifica associated with? Crabs?

mike bell said...

I asked Fred Howard, years ago when he was the big FogFest kahuna, why not Beach Blvd?
He replied, "Bad idea, it stays on Palmetto cuz that's where it belongs."
So much for out of the box thinking.

Anonymous said...

"The only problem is, what kind of food is Pacifica associated with?"

Does it matter? Let's have something -- anything other than generic crap fair food.

By the way, Gorilla BBQ and a few other local eateries were present at an event at Frontierland Park selling food a few years ago, so it can and has been done.

It's just lazy thinking to blurt out "It can't be done!" It's done in other towns and it HAS been successfully done here.

But nope, it's too easy just to say no and accept another year of complete mediocrity.

Pacifica in a nutshell!

Anonymous said...

Not to pile on, but I have no desire to go to Fog Festival anymore. It's tired. It's old. And it seems like it's the same group of outside merchants who travel from event to event in a circuit. Time for a head to toe revamp.

Anonymous said...

A change in location would be welcomed for all of the reasons previously cited. It would also be wonderful if the local restaurants would offer food during Fog Fest, so that visitors could experience something other than the stuff that makes my friends ask me why the hell I moved here on purpose. If hiring people to serve is the issue, every sitting member of City Council, Stedler, the people on the economic development committee, the city Manager, and the rest of the city crew should roll up their sleeves and pitch in for free. Yes it can be done. Of course it can be done. It is being done over at the Farmer's Market, where Moonraker is setting up a truck. But will it be done? Sadly, I don't see any of that happening. I saw how Ervin and the rest fawned over the Fog Fest committee at the last council meeting, telling them how wonderful they and their ideas are. Nope. Don't see the current crew doing anything different any time soon.

Anonymous said...

Two words: Hells Angels.

As long as they and that element are welcome at the event, my family will never, ever attend Fog Fest.

From what I'm reading here, it doesn't seem like I've missed out on anything over the last several years.

Why does Pacifica settle for such low rent riff-raff. Doesn't everyone realize how poorly it reflects on us?

Anonymous said...

Fred Howard hasn't been in charge for decades. Lick your wounds forever or ask Stedler or Ervin about Beach Blvd. Join the FF organization to change it. Seems pretty open but, sorry, you don't start at the top. The food is garbage. Some festivals use vendors with the equipment, staff, licenses and training to prepare and sell (for profit) "signature" food items. Other festivals do this. Local restaurants don't want to spend their time and money on this (particularly when they're busy) and volunteers have their limits.

Sarcasm 101 said...

Good article in this morning's Tribune about this years 30th anniversary fogfest and who is and who isnt involved with it. Educate yourselves people.


Pacifica 101 said...

Yo, Sarcasm 101, anyone who's ever been to Fog Fest knows who's involved with it. Those peeps who shuffle on into Safeway in their PJs and slippers at 2pm? It's them.

Fog Fest is that special time of year when they put on clothes that are three sizes too small for their bloated bodies and then hit Palmetto where they drink until they can't see straight.

If you're a man, try to act as intimidating and badass as you can. Let the world know you're King of Palmetto Blvd. Don't let anyone knock that crown off your head! If you're a woman, get sloppy, literally hang on your friends, and cackle loudly in everyone's -- and I mean EVERYONE'S -- faces.

If you're an innocent out-of-towner who found yourself here by some accident of circumstance, keep your head down, don't make eye contact with any male over the age of 14 (this is seen as an invitation to "throw down, bro!") and get the hell out of this swap meet by the sea asap.

Alternatively, you can just say "fuck it" and embrace the sweaty child within you by getting as drunk as you can as fast as you can so you can get as red as you can.

Fog Fest is San Mateo County's only public celebration of the area's collective drunk tanks. See you there!

The Local Libertarian said...

One can find the complete list of sponsors here:

If you scroll down, you'll find the specific groups hosting food & beverage. The actual list is:

Terra Nova Bands
Torchbearer Rho
Pacifica Friends of the Library
Pacifica 4-H Club
Holy Cross Lutheran Church
Good Shepherd School
Vallemar School PTO
Oceana High School Assc. Student Body
Ocean Shore School PTO
Ortega School PTO
St. Edmund Episcopal Church
Zeta Eta Master
IBL Middle School PTO
Pacifica Girl Scouts
Pacifica United Soccer Team
Boy Scout Cub Pack 9
Pacifica Girls Softball League
Pedro Point Community Association
Pacifica Rotary Club
Parents of Coastside Adventurers
Mizpah Fellowship
Preceptor Kappa Lambda
Epsilon Theta Master

It is apparent the food & beverage responsibilities are a cover for fund raising by specific groups. And these specific groups are obviously not food & beverage specialists. That I think explains the "lazy fair food".

It also explains that this "fest" is not specifically oriented to market the town and/or its businesses.

Anonymous said...

Wrong Kemosabe.
Fred Howard was in charge less than 10 years ago. I remember him getting in fights with Palmetto Avenue merchants and trying to push them around.
Speaking of Palmetto Avenue merchants, many of them including restaurants, close on FogFest because it's too much of a hassle with unruly lookie-loo's and shop lifters.
That should tell you something about how much good this glorified flea market does for the town.
Oh well someday Pacifica will rise up and be a classy beach town but we'll just have to wait for all the faux-enviros to move away or die off.

Anonymous said...

227 Oh, OK. Lick your wounds for a decade then. Forgive me, but you do sound like someone forever on the outside looking in and bitching about what other people have the drive and generosity to do. Doesn't mean someone, even you, couldn't do a better or perhaps a worse job. You know, so much of living a full life is just showing up. You do much of that?

Anonymous said...

227 You could be waiting decades. If the turnover in my neighborhood is any indication, the ranks of your faux-enviros are being increased by the real thing and they're turbo-charged. Smart, aggressive, highly educated, well-connected and comfortable working the system, be it political, legal, social, whatev. They're anti-highway widening and not eager to see Pacifica change. Sleepy little beach town is what they bought.

Anonymous said...

So, at the risk of unleashing another shit storm, why is FF held on Palmetto? Anyone know? Just the facts, which means the answer would have to come from either an official city source or one of the legacy members of the FogFest organizers, or, a very close friend. Please, Beach Blvd seems like such a good idea, tell us why Palmetto is used.

Anonymous said...

Local Lib nails it! FogFest Food and Beverage sales are fundraisers by and for local charities and staffed by volunteer amateurs. Any marketing of Pacifica or its businesses is purely coincidental and not a primary goal of FogFest. Now, doesn't that explain a lot? Short of a coup, this is your FogFest.

Anonymous said...

FF is a fundraiser for the community, but it wasn't always that way.

Here's the dirty little secret: the volunteer organizations were given the opportunity to run the booths at FF to raise money for themselves with the intent that this would replace their selling fireworks on July 4th. Except that second half just never happened for some strange reason.

Ask around about this and you'll find the people who should know about it get very quiet about how all this went down.

Anonymous said...

I can think of several issues related to moving the FogFest to Beach Blvd:
If you had booths on both sides of the street, nobody would see the ocean anyway, and if you limit booths to one side, you'd cut the festival in half. (Maybe we could have booths on the beach, but that would create a whole lot of logisitics problems.) With the exception of the pier cafe, there are only houses on Beach Blvd., while Palmetto is almost all businesses on both sides - so all of the stores on Palmetto that take advantage of the FogFest's foot traffic would lose out. And would you really want to be out on the pier with two or three thousand others? (Doesn't the pier have an "occupancy" limit?)
There are a lot of things about the FogFest that could be improved, but I don't think that moving it from Palmetto to Beach is one of them!

Anonymous said...

626 Pacifica has many such suburban legends. People grow silent when asked about it because they can neither confirm nor deny, but this being Pacifica, anything is possible. And, so, the legend continues.

Anonymous said...

Would you want FF in front of your ocean view home? Would we need state permission since there would be unavoidable overflow from Beach Blvd to state-owned beach and pier? And, like 644 says, Beach Blvd is all homes other than the OWWTP and the pier. Palmetto is more business district, seems wider and it was Pacifica's main street before the freeway bisected Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're right. Why bother even trying anything new. It's probably too much work anyway. Let's just keep it the same shitty event for another 30 years

Anonymous said...

Oh, 851, see how you are? Let's come up with better ideas that can stand up under impartial scrutiny. You got a problem with scrutiny? A critical thinker like you? I'm shocked. Maybe Beach Blvd is one of these better ideas, maybe not. In any event, yes, you own the indignant hissy fit niche.

Anonymous said...

Chris is right. No one is stopping local restaurants from participating. If they wanted to, they would.

This sounds like all of the local geniuses who think they can determine what business should replace Denny's, Dave and Lou's, Fresh and Easy, the quarry, etc. There's already a mechanism for that, and it's called a "market economy" not "tap your heels together and wish".

Anonymous said...

1127 But it's fun to wish! You economists are such a dour lot.

Chris Porter said...

I remember many moons ago that one of the reasons the Fog Fest could not be moved to Beach Blvd was that it was not wide enough for the parade with the booth set up.

There will be multiple recycling and trash bins on the street. Please use them.

Anonymous said...

5:17 "faux-enviros are being increased by the real thing and they're turbo-charged. Smart, aggressive, highly educated, well-connected" blah, blah, blah......

Let's hope these androgynous millennial fucks are as smart as they think they are.
When their street washes out due to pounding surf or when crime and fire begin to eat into the very fabric of Pacifica or when infrastructure catastrophically fails and we end up with human waste all over the beaches maybe they will be smarter than the old dope smokers who currently run our town and realize that you can't run a city on air.
It's called revenue my friend. No municipality functions without it. Any environment with humans living in it is doomed without revenue generation capabilities to make it all work.
Go, go, go you rich little 30 something's just don't think you are above common sense.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris Porter for your common sense offered with a spoonful of helpful info! Beach Blvd's may not wide enough for FogFest...reasonable, makes sense, but not nearly as colorful as bullies, pirates and fireworks. Pick up your trash!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, Dark Angry Dude. Look on the bright side...they'll always have you to scold them. You are needed. Your life's complete!

Anonymous said...

1148 "the old dope smokers who currently run our town" ??? I thought Nihart Ervin and O'Neill were running the town rahrahrah with minions firmly in place on all critical fronts. Uh oh. It's a vast left-wing, faux-enviro, old dope smoker conspiracy.

The Ghost of the Last of the Great Grand Marshalls said...

Parades? I ♥ parades! And no one, but no one, puts on a parade like the peeps from the FF. Which was my favorite? So many of them were outstanding but who could ever forget the time they featured a unicorn, strike that, goat with a Louisville Slugger glued to his head? Well, the kids just loved it. Heck, even some of the visiting carnies couldn't believe their eyes. First class parade. First class FF. First class town. No wonder we are referred to in most California social circles as "McFarland for white people".

Anonymous said...

318 Enjoy the memories. In the newspaper racks between Rite-Aid and Safeway we have the usual Trib and Chron and the China Times. Oh Pacifica you are a changin'. It's about time!

HBTS said...

"No wonder we are referred to in most California social circles as "McFarland for white people".

Actually -- and I'm 100% serious about this -- we're known as Hayward-by-the-Sea.

I Heart Kermie said...

If Fog Fest was any good, The Pope would visit.


Thanks HBTS! I looked it up: Downtown Hayward Wiki

It's hard to imagine this but Hayweird could almost give us a run for the money for having the most pathetic downtown in North America. Make sure to check out "Big Mike" pictured in the Wiki. Perhaps the geniuses in this town can come up with something like a supersized "Pathetica Pete" for Palmetto? Just think of the dregs that one would draw.

Anonymous said...

9:34 The pope can see Palmetto. The Old Waste Water Plant and the Recology garbage center tour. Maybe he can visit a meth lab and pot store.

Anonymous said...

I suspect there is a funny ironic meaning to your post.
Would you mind de-coding it for some of us less cosmopolitan readers?
"McFarland for white people"?

Anonymous said...

It may be time to go...a Linda Mar Rancher, expanded, somewhat buffed up, on a crappy street on the creek, a block or two from the shopping center, is in contract for $990,000. It was listed for $849K. It should come with a rowboat, cops visit regularly. Less flashy Linda Mar ranchers from DeSolo back to Oddstad selling for $850K and up is no longer unusual. It's sort of like watching a little kid blowing an expanding bubble-gum bubble.

Anonymous said...

Time for the faux-enviros to sell.
You know, the ones who don't like money.
Yea right.

Anonymous said...

oh 501 you're gonna love these new people teeheehee

Anonymous said...

Yep just walked through Fog Fest. Yep, it's still a shit hole.

Anonymous said...

1056 Hey at least that eyesore will be gone in a day or two. The Denny's hulk grows uglier every day. What a gateway to Pacifica. Luv ya Kimco!