Thursday, September 3, 2015

Wildlife bridge (shared with people) proposed, Los Angeles

Los Angeles Times/Martha Groves, Reporter, 9/2/15. "Caltrans proposes wildlife overpass on 101 Freeway."

(credit: CBS)
Caltrans may become the environmentalists'
"good guys", until the first hikers are dinner.
"Mountain lions, bobcats and other wildlife would have less chance of becoming roadkill if the state adopts a plan to build a landscaped bridge over the 101 Freeway in Agoura Hills, supporters of the proposal said Wednesday.

State agencies, elected officials and wildlife advocates urged the state to provide the much-needed link in an area where rampant development and highways have fragmented once-continuous habitat. The 165-foot-wide, 200-foot-long overpass near Liberty Canyon Road would connect the Santa Monica Mountains on the south with the Simi Hills and Santa Susana Mountains.

...  The overpass would feature drought-tolerant vegetation placed so that it helps funnel wildlife across. Riley said hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians would also be able to use the structure.

 ...The state of Washington recently broke ground on Interstate 90 near Snoqualmie Pass for the state’s first freeway overpass for animals. The 150-foot-long structure is designed to provide passage for black bears, cougars, deer, elk and even squirrels, mice and lizards."  Read article.

Related article - CBS local/Los Angeles, 9/3/15.  "In an effort to prevent more wildlife deaths, the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MCRA) requested for Caltrans to develop a project study report in February, to evaluate the cost and feasibility of constructing a wildlife bridge. ....‘This report by Caltrans shows a crossing is not only feasible, but affordable,” said Beth Pratt, California state director for the National Wildlife Federation. “As the recent death of cougar P-32 on Interstate 5 shows, this crossing and others like it are urgently needed. Not just for cougars, but for the bobcats, deer and foxes that have also had their historic trails cut off by highways.” The crossing would include vegetation to resemble the natural habitat of animals that would frequent the passageway.Psr Liberty Canyon Wildlife Corridor, "Project Study Report to request conceptual approval... "

Note:  photographic rendering concept of the wildlife bridge from both the Los Angeles Times and related CBS articles. 

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Defender of Animals said...

I never forget seeing Bambi get run over on Highway One near Serramonte Blvd. off ramp. What a horror!