Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Reducing automobile lanes increases traffic congestion, Redwood City

The Daily Journal/Bill Silverfarb, 9/12/15.  "City rethinks pilot program for Farm Hill: Lane reduction plan causes chaos, community dissent in Redwood City."

No room to widen this part of the Redwood City Highway.
A reconstruction of Homo naledi's head by paleoartist John Gurche, who spent some 700 hours recreating the head from bone scans. The find was announced by the University of the Witwatersrand, the National Geographic Society and the South African National Research Foundation, and the image will appear in the October issue of National Geographic magazine.
Reducing lanes causes congestion.
knew that 100,000 million years ago.
 ...  "The council approved a one-year pilot program to reduce the number of lanes from four to three, which includes a left turn center lane, and two bicycle lanes, on Farm Hill Boulevard and Jefferson Avenue. On Tuesday, traffic was snarled on Farm Hill and Jefferson so bad in the morning that it caused angry commuters to call for an end to the pilot on the very day it started.

 .... “We recognize that the changes have brought about exce
ssive congestion during the construction period and have disrupted many commutes and travels to school. I can assure you that this was not the intent of the pilot program and the city anticipates the congestion to be temporary,” Mayor Jeff Gee wrote. .... “This pilot project needs to end now as it has caused unacceptable traffic jams and more dangerous co
nditions than ever before,” Lemas wrote to Gee.

Others have complained that maybe the congestion has improved on Farm Hill but has gotten worse on both Woodside and Edgewood roads as commuters have migrated elsewhere to access Interstate 280.  .... The city is spending $200,000 on the pilot program."  Read article.

Note photograph/graphic. Early human spies, Homo Naledi photo/graphic by Mark Thiessen/National Geographic, also article from CNN.com, 9/10/15.  Traffic congestion Redwood City from Change.org/Jeri Richardson-Daines," "Petition Mayor Jeffrey Gee and 7 others." "Tell Redwood City Council Not to Reduce Farm Hill and Jefferson Traffic Lanes!"

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