Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Recycling, San Jose not so good

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What's a clean recyclable,
... how do I know?
San Jose Mercury News/Bay Area News/Ramona Giwargis, 9/21/15. "San Jose: Recycling rule-breakers may be fined for banned items in curbside bins."

"SAN JOSE --  .... Nearly 40 percent of the stuff single-family homeowners dump into their recycling bins in much of the city is non-recyclable food waste and other junk, according to California Waste Solutions, the city's primary hauler. ....  And residents who don't get the recycling right may soon face more than just an angry red notice on an unemptied recycling bin. City leaders are now talking about stepping up enforcement with possible fines for repeat offenders.

....  According to the audit, recycling rates among single-family homeowners citywide are falling -- not the trend a city with a "zero waste" goal by 2022 wants to see. .... California Waste Solutions says the city is to blame for rising contamination and falling diversion rates. The company says the city declines to punish residents who repeatedly contaminate recycling bins with waste; charges too much for bigger trash cans, leading homeowners to use their free recycling carts to dump extra trash; and even ordered the company to collect carts containing contaminated recycling.

  .... The City Council last week voted to approve such a study and asked staff to explore the potential for customer rate increases and penalties for repeat offenders. If penalties are imposed, San Jose would join Fresno, San Bernardino and Oakland in levying fines for dirty recyclables." 
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Related, in a good way -  Recology of the Coast/Pacifica/Recycling. ..."To preserve our natural resources, we work to close the loop on organic and recyclable materials by diverting them from going to landfills."       Note graphic from Peeves, "People throwing trash into a recycle bin."

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