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San Francisco Recology has a new landfill site, Solano County

San Francisco Examiner/Joshua Sabatini, 9/30/15. "Recology scores a victory in landfill agreement dispute."

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  Hay Road landfill
Solano County
The San Francisco Planning Commission unanimously voted Thursday that changing the disposal site for The City's waste to the Recology Hay Road Landfill in Solano County will not require an environmental impact report. - MIKE KOOZMIN/S.F. EXAMINER 2012 FILE PHOTO
Recology, San Francisco
.... "After a brief discussion, the board unanimously rejected the appeal calling for environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act. The appeal was filed by Solano County Orderly Growth Committee arguing the Planning Department’s decision to not do the review was flawed.

....  The decision was a blow to Houston-based Waste Management, which operates the Altamont landfill where San Francisco’s refuse is currently trucked.  Adding to the political intrigue was the San Francisco Chapter of the Sierra Club, who threw its political might behind the appeal, including sending out 30,000 mailers last week. The mailers were similar to the 40,000 mailed by Waste Management.  

....   A previous landfill agreement approved by the board in 2011 for Recology to haul waste by rail to Yuba County was scrapped amid three lawsuits alleging improper bidding and inadequate environmental review. The Hay Road plan was Recology’s backup plan. 

....  A pending lawsuit filed by Waste Management alleging improper bidding remains in the courts. A Recology spokesman previously noted Waste Management’s proposal would have cost “an extra $13 million a year.” Last year 373,940 tons of San Francisco’s waste ended up in the landfill. The City has a goal of sending no waste to the landfill after 2020."   Read more.

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Space for 5 tons of trash
Related articles -  The Reporter/Editorial, 9/12/15, "San Francisco trash likely headed to local Hay Road site."  "A local environmental group has called for a public hearing over San Francisco’s trash being sent to Recology’s Hay Road Landfill, but at this point it seems unnecessary.  The San Francisco Planning Department had already determined that a proposed project to haul 5 million tons of garbage from San Francisco to Vacaville would have no significant effect on the environment and that no environmental impact report was necessary. A Final Mitigated Negative Declaration was already prepared and approved." The Daily Republic/Vacaville/Ryan McCarthy, 3/5/15, "Docs: No significant impact from tons of SF waste sent to Solano." "The agreement between San Francisco and Recology would, over about 15 years, transport up to 5 million tons of waste from San Francisco to the Recology Hay Road Landfill in Solano County near Rio Dixon Road. ... The San Francisco study notes that a biofuel blend partially from renewable vegetable oil is used in some of the trucks for the Recology long haul fleet. ... The city waste would be trucked from the Recology Transfer Station, at 501 Tunnel Ave. on the border between San Francisco and Brisbane, as well as the Recology Recycle Control Facility at Pier 96 in San Francisco, according to the study. The population served by Recology in San Francisco is about 837,000 people, the study said." CBS/Sacramento, 3/6/15, "San Francisco trash plan would ship garbage to Vacaville landfill." "San Francisco’s trash currently goes to a landfill in Alameda County, but that contract is up soon. Recology’s Hay Road landfill in Solano County was chosen to replace it. In a report this week, San Francisco’s planning department weighed in on the environmental impact of the trash transport."   Daily Republic/Solano County/Barry Eberling, 7/10/14,"San Francisco sees Solano landfill as trash option." "VACAVILLE — San Francisco could truck its trash to Hay Road Landfill in rural Solano County – 8 miles southeast of Vacaville – if a plan to transport trash by rail to Yuba County falls through or gets delayed. The city presently sends 48 truckloads of garbage daily to Altamont Landfill in Alameda County. But city officials expect that landfill to reach capacity in about 2016."

Note photographs.  Bulldozer at the Recology Hay Road Landfill from the related Daily Republic file, 3/5/15.  Broad view of landfill from the Daily Republic 7/10/14 article (no longer in file). Truck by Mike Koozmin (2012 file) from the San Francisco Examiner/Laura Dunnick, 5/21/15, "New site for SF waste will not require environmental impact report."

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