Monday, July 13, 2015

Reminder, City Council meeting tonight, Monday, July 13, 2015

Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor.  Or, view on local television or live feed Pacificcoast.TV, (formerly  If you miss civic meetings, view on  PCT 26 You Tube!  The city council meeting begins at 7 p.m., or shortly there following.  City council updates and archives are available on the City website.
Image result for Pacifica, CA Harmony@1, lot 2 picture
Item 11, new residence for Pacifica.

Public Hearings 
10.  Pacifica Hotel Business Improvement District (BID) annual report.
11.  Harmony@1 lot 2 approval.

12.  Citizen appointments to:
       1)  Parks, Beaches and Recreation Commission (3), and 
       2)  The Open Space and Parkland Advisory Committee (2). 
13.  City Council voting delegate and alternative to the League of CA Cities annual conference. 
RelatedFix Pacifica article reprint, 4/28/15. "GreenPoint residential "green" rating, vs. CALGreen and LEED." And, Also see Fix Pacifica article reprint, Planning Commission, 4/6/15, Item 2.  Note photo/graphic from Harmony@1, Lot 2, Facebook, photograph 2 of 9.  

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

10. Where is our Hotel Business District?

11. Keener the greener will appeal

Anonymous said...

This is the company, that city council approved with no other bids.

Anonymous said...

BID has never had a performance audit. They spend advertising dollars and have no idea if program works. 50% of BID funds goes to chamber CEO to "supervise" the ad agency. Why not have the city's econ development manager supervise and put all BID dollars to professional advertising?
If chamber is going to a web model, has the design been put to competitive RFP, what are page views? Has Sunset magazine or airline in-cabin magazines been evaluated? Chamber guessed web views went up but a professional web metrics firm can actually generate hard numbers. Maybe it's time to stop guessing?
Are all hotels featured? Only chamber members? Who decides what businesses and events are highlighted? If this effort is the Pacifica face to tourists, maybe the city's econ development manager should make sure fairness and equal exposure is the rule.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone bothered to ask City Council why the taxpayers in Pacifica are still paying Tinfow's rent and bridge tolls?

Anonymous said...

Thank God Lancelle, Vreeland and deJarnutt aren't still on council.
They would have loved to kiss more "sustainable development" butt and granted yet another delay on this project. Ten years just isn't enough delay for the evil rich developers who want to pave over Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

If Ann Edminster is such an expert on LEED why doesn't she realize that spreading 10 homes over a large hillside is about as NOT green as you can get.
Ever heard of urban sprawl?
We need dense development to lower amount of infrastructure and roads to access and to provide opportunities for public transit nodes.
These green people are complete idiots.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Hall slipped last night and referred to Harmony as her project.
I didn't realize she was a secretly wealthy evil developer. How much did she invest in this thing?

Chris Porter said...

BID is money from the hotels adding $1 a night to their romm rents. Do not confuse with TOT tax. The hotels decide how they want this money spent and the ideas flow between the hotels and the Chamber.Why would the City "supervise" this? The hotels in the BID are advertised both on the WEB and in magazine space. Courtney has done a great job bringing in travel writers a few times a year to see all Pacifica has to offer. They are brought to quite a few different venues (trails, beach, spa treatments, surf events, bike paths, golf course, new Devil's Slide Tunnel) and eat in all our restaurants. The bills for these events are either compted by the restaurants or paid for by other Chamber businesses to showcase this City and its vacation potentials. 11:43AM; what is your complaint? If the hotels are happy with the success of the programs, and it is their money, not the City of Pacifica or its citizens, so be it. As Marty Cereles, GM of the Lighthouse Hotel stated at the first BID meeting, if the City wants more say have them put in some of the TOT dollars they receive to advertise the City. Then the Economic Development personnel can get involved.

Anonymous said...


Be careful what you wish for:

Mary Ann, Karen, and Sue are just as bad!

Hippy Harry said...

Nancy Hall crawled out of her hobbit hovel to berate council for not requiring Leed's Gold cert even though green building is done to the same or higher standards. What's Nancy's end game? She was reportedly paid a handsome fee for her "consultation" work on the original plan. Her plan! What an egotistical, self absorded blowhard. Demanding more than 3 minutes at the mic. What makes her so important? Not a damned thing except her nefarious actions to keep anything from happening in this town. Go bathe Curtis or something else useful, Nancy, and let this town come out of the sixty's.

Pacifica has no crime said...

A wise man once told me: Pacifica has no crime!!

04:09 Suspicious Circumstances 1507150039
Occurred on Catalina Av, Pacifica. heard 6 shots and heard veh take off / heard only nothing seen / rp thinks
veh headed up catalina towards hickey / 1 caller only. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

Anonymous said...

These faux-enviro creeps make my skin crawl.
They extract payment for their "consultation". Then if you don't see it their way they'll make things "difficult" for you.
This is classic Mafioso.
In the real world, people go to jail for extortion.
In Pacifica you're a hero.
Where's the line to kiss Nancy's ring?

Anonymous said...


It only counts if Nancy writes a song!

permits, I don't need no stinking Permits said...


Not a single one of them dared to challenge city hall on the 7.5 million gallon raw sewage spill from our poop plant. Not one of them even mentioned the new state of the art plant stinks. Not Nancy Hall, Peter Loeb, Ian Butler, Bray, Bohner, etc.

The beach coalition is too worried to lose the crumb city council throws at them a couple times a year.

100% total hypocrisy.

Also the resident genius Peter Loeb, is whining about the "off the grid" food truck party at Linda Mar Beach, idea to bring in a couple bucks to town.

Hey Peter, did you even bother to get a permit for your home repairs in the coastal zone?

Anonymous said...

345 Wake up Bumpkin! In the real world rings and asses get kissed all the time--it's called business. I'm sure you've kissed quite a few. If she was paid, and that's a big if, who paid her? The developer? Who cares? The city? BFD. Every regime tosses bones to its most favored nations. And then the wheel turns. Hey, could be your turn is coming up! Don't give up.

Anonymous said...

710 Do you work from post-its or a calendar or do you actually wake up with a big load of vitriol more days than not? Poor, sad thing. Bravo to Loeb or anyone else for sprucing up his home. I doubt he'd ignore any applicable city or regulatory requirements. Why don't you get out of your jammies today and mosey on down to city hall and check up on him? Switch your gizmo from innuendo to fact and report back.


If Loeb didn't get a permit to improve his home in Pacifica and specifically in the Coastal Zone, then he is guilty of breaking the law and not paying the proper fees that we are all bound to.
Pacifica, do your job and visit his construction site and make sure he is in compliance.
I remember a similar situation years ago when Vreeland was making repairs on his home without the proper permits and fees. When Mike Angel went out to investigate he was eventually stripped of his career and very nearly lost his sanity. Vreeland was such a nice man and let's not forget that lancelle, Digre and deJarnutt were complicit in this.
Is this how Pacifica rolls? The faux-enviro haves and the average citizen have nots? These people have no shame.

Rage Addict said...

The bad man is fixing his home!

Somebody DO something!! (not me though)


*splits pants*

Anonymous said...


Go get your shine box!

still sleeping Pacifica said...


Why don't you go down and do a formal investigation on this and report back to us.

No one in Pacifica wants to roll up their sleeves and take on these goons.

Anonymous said...


We all know when you post anon Bray!

MrGriff says take a bite out of crime said...

So much for no crime in Pacifica

A home burglary suspect fled after a home’s burglary alarm sounded Thursday afternoon in Pacifica, police said Friday.

Officers responded at about 1:30 p.m. to the 500 block of Monterey Road. Police said a person at the home heard someone banging on the home’s rear sliding glass door

Police said the suspects was able to break the outer pane of glass to the door, but was unable to get in the home.

Officers are describing the suspect as a dark-skinned male, about 6 feet tall with a medium build. Police said he was wearing a red and white baseball cap and red shirt.

Someone saw him leaving the home in a gold older sport utility vehicle, such as a Ford Explorer.

Anyone with information about the attempted burglary is being asked to get in touch with the Pacifica Police Department at (650) 738-7314.

People can make anonymous tips to the Silent Witness Hotline at (650) 359-4444 or online at

Anonymous said...

1031 Good use of "If". You can say almost anything after that. And you did.

Anonymous said...

Crime is getting more brazen and more common in Pacifica.
We can't afford a properly resourced and adequately sized police force.
Thanks NOBIES.
Those trails you keep building and the phony frogs you're saving sure are doing the trick.

Anonymous said...

Reminder that Fix Pacifica fully supported the recent decision to build a $5 million trail out of town.

Kathy Meeh said...

653, no, Fix Pacifica blog supports posting most articles and comments.

Personally, I do support continuing the California trail through Pacifica, and so should you. A safety benefit is that the trail will provide access for both pedestrians and bicycles to and from Devil's Slide park.
Currently vehicles, bicycles, and some pedestrians share Highway 1 south, and that is a traffic hazard.

Of course the trail from Mexico to Canada could end in Pacifica-- that might put Pacifica on some "end of the trail" map.
The net City cost to build this trail is minor. There will be a coordination of payments from government and grants.

Anonymous said...

1217 Shine box? Well bless your heart. The real you. Back under your rock you go!

Anonymous said...


if you don't get it, your not worthy of an explanation!!

Anonymous said...

What's the subject?