Sunday, July 19, 2015

Library will close for remodel, Woodside

The Almanac/David Boyce, 7/17/15.  "Woodside: Major remodel to close town library for several Months."

Woodside Library & Native Plant Garden, Woodside, Ca
$3 million cost to modernize library.
"The Woodside Library will close Saturday, Aug. 1, for six to nine months for a major remodel. ....  Reopening is set for spring 2016.  

During the remodel, library management will be using the library website to post information of interest to Woodside patrons. Residents will be able to place holds on materials and have them mailed, or pick them up at any library in San Mateo County.

The $3 million remodel is meant to create an interior better suited for 21st century uses of a library, including more capability for digital materials, gathering spaces for children and teens, more light and lower energy bills.

The structural elements of the building will be improved to meet current building codes, and seismic upgrades will bolster the building's reliability in a major earthquake. The library will get new restrooms and a new roof, and will be retrofitted to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act."   Read article.

Reference, Woodside Library, 3140 Woodside Road, Woodside, CA . Facebook.   Note photograph from Trip Advisor, 3/15, "Woodside Library and native plant garden."

Posted by Kathy Meeh 


In the Age of Internet said...

Woodside can afford this. You can not find a house under 3 million in Woodside. Woodside has many old money families who have lived here for 3 generations.

Ever been to Woodside Town Hall? It's awesome.

Pacifica, should just remodel the existing libraries and give up on the 35+ million dollar pie in the sky library Mary Ann is trying to get done.

Anonymous said...

Of all the dumb ideas that have been floated in this town, spending any money whatsoever to build a new library in a town whose economy is virtually nil is, by far, the worst of the worst. I am not even sure remodeling the libraries makes sense at this point. I have not been following this issue. Would a new library go up for vote?

Anonymous said...

116 Pretty sure our council knows the voters would reject any library bond measure. However, the CM they hired 18 mnths ago was instrumental in getting a new central library built in Walnut Creek AFTER the voters rejected the bond measure. Walnut Creek struggles to maintain library hours for their new library. Maybe Tinfow has a magic hat with Nihart's library in it. Check that hat for the notorious 4.75 million or whatever the true number is. Voila!