Monday, July 6, 2015

Harbor District President speaks to Rotary Club, Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Pacifica Tribune, 6/30/15.  "Harbor Commission leader speaks at Rotary dinner."

Tom Mattusch
Tom Mattusch, President
San Mateo County Harbor District
"Harbor Commission President Tom Mattusch will speak at the Pacifica Rotary Club, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. on July 7 at the Sharp Park Restaurant at the Sharp Park Golf Course.  As a member and now President of the San Mateo County Harbor Commission, Mattusch has been a leader in stewardship of the resources of the Harbor District.

 .... Dinner is $20 and coffee is $5. RSVP by calling incoming President Victor Spano at 650-481-2935."  Read more.

Reference, San Mateo County Harbor District Board/Tom Mattusch, President. "Captain Tom Mattusch is the owner/operator of the Huli Cat, a charterboat in Pillar Point Harbor. He has fished the West Coast since 1967. ... Tom was a Member of the Regional Working Groups for the Central and North Central Coast Region to assist in the creation of the network of marine reserves along the coast. Past Board Member of the Golden Gate Fishermans Association and the Fishery Enhancement and Research Foundation. He is currently on the Board of Coastside Fishing Club and assists the National Weather Service as a Marine Users Group member. Tom has collaborated with the PCFFA and Institute for Fisheries Research on research projects. In addition to charterboat activities Tom participates in fisheries research with NOAA/NMFS. ...   Tom has experience in healthcare operations management and an MBA in Management. A former competition freediver, underwater hockey player, Tom has worked out of Pillar Point Harbor since 1992."

Reference - Rotary Club of Pacifica,  and  Rotary Club of Pacifica | Facebook.

Note photograph of Tom Mattusch from the San Mateo County Harbor District reference above. 

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Anonymous said...

Coffee is,$5.00. What a bargain. Go figure people whine that Starbucks charges $2.50 a cup!

Anonymous said...

it must be that special rotary club coffee...